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The New Yorker has a very funny piece today on a real life half-existent videogame from the late 90s designed by Penn and Teller that sounds an awful lot like your videogame: The drive from…   Read Story »
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the hit teen comedy, Can't Hardly Wait, Vh1 caught up with one of the film's stars, Ethan Embry, THEIR generation's Breckin Meyer, to talk about the making of the…   Read Story »
The website Starcrush, whatever that is, has an exhaustive compendium of side-by-side photographs of 1990s teen heartthrobs in their "prime," and what they look like today. Interestingly enough, all…   Read Story »
In case you guys missed it, there was an article about Mayim Bialik in the Sunday Styles section this weekend. Today is SO '90s.   Read Story »
Up to you! I'll just leave this right here. No questions asked.   Read Story »
I hate it. Tear it down. There are people in third world countries who don't even have rooms and you've used this whole room up for a joke? "I'm sorry about your dysentery but check out these mint…   Read Story »
We've got a whole week ahead of us, guys, so don't forget to check yourself! Draw it, write it, let it out. "Hey, what's this?" "It's a work of fucking art." The more you know. Doo-doo-dah-dooooooo.…   Read Story »
Alf! AND NOW THIS! Throw on your stupid slap bracelets and prepare to never grow up. (Please grow up.) Someone interviewed Dante Basco, who played Rufio in 1991's Hook, and asked him if people still…   Read Story »
For most of us, the weekend doesn't start until tomorrow afternoon at 5PM when the closing whistle blows. For Jaleel White and Charlie Sheen the weekend started in 1994. Everbody's WINNING for the…   Read Story »