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“This might sound strange to those of you out there who are addicted to all of your various cold, glowing screens, but there is nothing I find more depressing than walking into a cafe (and by that I mean your standard human cafe) full of warm-blooded people, each of them sharing this one moment together, a moment that won’t occur again for the entire human experience, and seeing them all completely separate from each other, staring into objects. Willingly separate and alone, looking into hardware for some sort of connection and fulfillment, even though they are together in a world that could provide them just that. The mere thought of it breaks my heart, if I can be honest. I hate it. One other problem I have with all of the people who frequent the standard human cafe — and this is a totally different thing, but probably the bigger thing, actually? — is that they are not cats. Mostly I like cats, and cat cafes. I like to pet the cats and I like to buy the cats snacks and watch them all run towards me and paw at my arms for the snacks. The hair on my clothing is a reminder that I had a moment with another living thing, as is the hair in my coffee. I love cats! Cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats c–” – You

“I told you that you would have a good time if you just let yourself relax,” said Meryl, playfully punching 50 Cent in the arm. “You’re right, Mer. Sorry I was such a grump earlier.” “50, please, no apologies necessary — we all know I’m the queen of grump.” “You are not!” “Are too!” “Are not!” “50!” “MER!” [Collapse into a hug.] [Scene.] (Via Uproxx.)

  • Bryan Singer will tweet a new X-Men: Days Of Future Past picture every hour today, each an Empire Magazine cover. “BEST. MONDAY. EVER.” – You. -GammaSquad
  • HBO debuted a preview for their upcoming special,  ”Game of Thrones Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing,” which will air on February 9. Want to watch it? You can! -ComingSoon
  • This is just a good video of St. Vincent teaching you how to do a rainbow kick. -Stereogum
  • Margaret Cho is going to co-star in the upcoming Tina Fey comedy, set at a women’s college, coming to Fox. -THR
  • Starz has green-lit a dark ballet drama from one of Breaking Bad‘s executive producers and it sounds so great. -TheWrap
  • Here are 23 little things you may have missed in Sherlock‘s “The Sign of Three,” which I haven’t watched yet so NO SPOILERS. -Pajiba
  • And finally: more very, very good NFL Bad Lip Reading. -BadLipReading

[Ed. Note: Jenny Nelson is a writer and student living in New York City. She'll be taking us through this season of Saturday Night Live.]

Jonah Hill was one of my first celebrity sightings when I first moved to New York about four years ago, and I remember being excited for a second before realizing I definitely would not be saying anything to him because he was all the way across the street and also there was simply nothing to say, except maybe “Hi, I thought you were funny in Superbad but don’t know much that you’ve done since then, movie-wise!” Since then the guy has been Oscar-nom’d twice — which by the way, congrats — but I still don’t know that I’d ever have anything to say to him. So I didn’t feel too much either way when he was announced as this week’s SNL host. I ended up liking the episode a whole bunch, though, and found that I enjoyed at least one thing about every single sketch — not only the ones with Jonah Hill in them, but also those without! Which, though a positive feeling, is still not something I’d ever cross the street to tell Jonah Hill. Anyways, let’s see those sketches!

“And I’ll name it…toddler…table dancing…dot dot dot dot…FAIL!” – Mom

If you are a person who watches the Grammys, which you very well may not be, that would more than make sense, but IF YOU ARE: Why not watch the Grammys with me and Stereogum this Sunday? It’ll be over at Stereogum’s house. It’ll be fun! Loose invite, no pressure. Okay, see you next week, BYEEE!

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