It is well known around these parts that Brad Pitt and George Clooney are forever in a battle over which one of them is the true King of On-Set Pranks. Just when one of them pulls the rug out from beneath the other, he trips on a well-placed banana peel and now they’re both on the ground giggling while a PA wonders if he should wait on the coffee or…? But of course game recognize game (but of course), so George Clooney could only recount one of his rival’s pranks after being asked about the best prank a costar had ever pulled on set during the reddit AMA he hosted today:

It was Brad, we were shooting Oceans 12 in my hometown in Lake Cuomo and he had a flyer sent around saying George only wants to be called by his character’s name Danny Ocean, don’t look him in the eyes, and it got into the local paper. As you know, jokes don’t translate at all, and they called me il divo, and said that I was treating the crew like shit. When it got into the paper I came downstairs and Brad had the paper in his hand, and I said “You’re mine from here on out.” Brad just said, “Please don’t harm my children.” Yeah, he’s done some pretty rotten things.

Cuh-lassic! When are these guys going to write a book? They can call it Notes from Prankerground and publish it under the name DosD’OHpransky, but each of them can write a foreword. And then Jonah Hill pulls off a mask and he’s been their publishing agent the whole time, and he throws the manuscript in a bucket of horse mess? I don’t know, I’m sure history will figure it out. Onward and prankward! (Via Pajiba.)

[Note: Viewers of "Deer Fart" are contractually required spend a minimum of (15) minutes reading about the resignation of Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.] (Via ViralViral.)

Tirelessly documenting public marriage proposals is not an easy, worthwhile, or in any way enjoyable job, but it does afford you a certain depth of knowledge that others may not reach. For instance, others may look at this public marriage proposal — recorded on a police dash-cam — and think, “Wow. This guy had the police fake arrest him while his girlfriend cried hysterically outside of their vehicle, scared for the man she loves and worried about what the issue might be, and then, while she was still scared and crying, he proposed to her, only to then reveal that the terrifying proposal was in front of her friends and family, and later in front of everyone because he uploaded the dash-cam video to the Internet and conducted interviews with difference news sources to say that he got the idea because he and his now-fiancé met in jail after being busted for underage drinking. How awful! This is the worst proposal ever!” But those people would, at least on that last count, be incorrect. First, because this is the worst proposal ever. And second, because:

  • Orange Is the New Black posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos to the the show’s Instagram account over the weekend, and they are all super sweet. Come back, show! -BuzzFeed
  • Jonathan Banks has officially been cast in Better Call Saul. -Deadline
  • Louis C.K. appeared on Letterman last night and announced that beginning tomorrow at noon, you’ll be able to purchase his first film, Tomorrow Night, on his website for $5 -Splitsider
  • Before Tom Hiddleston became Loki, he auditioned for Thor. Here he is, blond and with a hammer. -ComicBookMovie
  • Kirk Cameron called the Grammy awards “an assault on the traditional family” in an effort to plug a DVD he made. Very cool! I love him, he always seems great! -Pajiba
  • And finally, Chris Pratt has confirmed his casting in Jurassic World. -/Film

Listen, we all know Vin Diesel loves music. Just about one year ago he sang Rihanna’s “Stay” in front of a projected screen showing the video for Rihanna’s “Stay.” Would a man upload a video of himself singing “Stay” if that man did not love music? We also know that Vin Diesel loves vlogging, for just about the same reason, and we for sure know that Vin Diesel loves sharing incredible things on Facebook. So it only makes sense, based on the knowledge that we’ve gathered, that Vin Diesel, after receiving a call from Universal informing him that Riddick was number one on the DVD charts, which we have to assume is a real thing, would record a vlog of himself thanking his fans by dancing and lip-synching to Katy Perry and Beyonce for nearly eight minutes. UH-DUH-DOY! He is the best. Get on board. You’re either with Vin Diesel or you are against him and by all accounts you should be VERY WITH HIM.

I’ll see you on the other side of figuring out if it’s within our budgets and schedules to visit Yellowknife in the next few months! (Via reddit.)

Someone’s got a case of the Mondays! OR DO THEY?! Maybe not! Maybe you have an odd schedule and tomorrow is your day off, so, for you, someone has a case of the Fridays! Or maybe you didn’t have school today, in which case someone would have a case of the extended-weekends! Or maybe Mondays at your office are fun because someone has to bring in a healthy treat and you like coming back and hearing about everyone’s weekends, so it isn’t that you don’t have a case of the Mondays, it’s just that, for you, “a case of the Mondays” is actually something pleasant that you want to have! Or maybe you did your taxes today which is a real relief! In any case CAN WE PLEASE JUST PLAY THIS GAME? Monday movies? Not like Office Space, but like movies with Monday or Monday-related words placed into the titles? Me first:

  • The Day After Tomorrow If Today Is Saturday
  • Back to the Work-Week Part 2
  • Mon(day) Direction: This Is Us Again
  • It’s Kind of a Monday Story
  • You Can Count On Me To Show Up At Either Work Or School
Shake off those Mondays! Or shake them back on, whatever works! Gooooood luck!
  • Oops, this isn’t your cafe, this is your cafe: Sherlock cafe. -BuzzFeed
  • Quentin Tarantino is suing Gawker over their leaking of his Hateful Eight script. -Pajiba
  • Visual effects artist Richard Trammell has digitally removed Delbert Grady from the bathroom scene in the Shining, making the use of the mirror more apparent. Have you watched that movie lately? You should! It’s so good! -LaughingSquid
  • A first look at Peter Capaldi’s costume for Doctor Who. (Spoiler: It’s a chicken suit? Very weird direction!) -/Film
  • An aspiring actor joined the Church of Scientology four years ago and made a documentary about his experience, which you can watch on-line. I haven’t watched it yet, but I almost certainly will. (PS: Read Going Clear.) -FilmDrunk