Gabe loves fan fiction. You Can Make It Up features his own personal alternate adventures starring some of our favorite characters.
Gillian Jacobs walked in the door and dumped her bag on a chair. She couldn't believe what had happened at work today! She kicked off her shoes and took off her socks, the sweet relief of the…   Read Story »
Shia LaBeouf faced Harrison Ford on the foggy countryside at dawn. Church bells pealed in the distance, marking the almost impossibly early hour, and the trees glowed softly in the growing light. The…   Read Story »
Sean Bean got shot in the face. He had been at the pub and a row ensued over a woman, typical pub row stuff. Voices had been raised. Faces reddened. A glass fell to the ground and shattered. "Let's…   Read Story »
Alec Baldwin walked into the Marriott ballroom and looked around. It was a pretty standard hotel ballroom. Here's a description: stained carpet, lots of over-stuffed chairs that were still…   Read Story »
The stadium was packed and all of the celebrities were waiting backstage with their tearful tributes. This was it! After 25 years as a member of Blockbuster Video, Oprah was officially bringing her…   Read Story »
The well-known genius Kirk Cameron was preparing for the Apocalyptic event that he knew would be occurring on Saturday, May 21, 2011. He had his suit pressed so that he would get to heaven looking…   Read Story »
It was always a little bit difficult for Gabe Delahaye to leave his apartment without Birdie. After all, in a world filled with mediocrity, she was one of the rare things that gave him genuine joy.…   Read Story »
Osama Bin Laden felt heat all over his body, but especially on his face, as he approached the gates of hell. He had a youthful body, not crippled by disease or riddled with bullet holes like the body…   Read Story »
Skynet's alarm went off. Skynet hit the snooze button for the third time, and Skynet went back to sleep. Five minutes later, Skynet's alarm went off again. Skynet computed what time it was and…   Read Story »
Doctor Ashton Kutcher, PhD, tenured professor of Real Physics, was wearing his corduroy jacket and his Coke bottle glasses because he was a real professor, a real smart professor. He leaned back in…   Read Story »