Ugh, it's so frustrating how some people have all the luck, you know? Here is Mary-Kate Olsen, a former child star and billionaire fashion magnate who owned the apartment that Heath Ledger died in…   Read Story »
And so here we are. This has been exhausting! Like, really really exhausting! Not that it's even over kind of. I mean, it is over. But there is still tonight! With the hanging out with friends and…   Read Story »
Here is a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger picking his nose, because when we get knocked down we pick ourselves right back up again! Nice try, Hurricane FAIL. Look at this guy! He's really going for…   Read Story »
In keeping with the current theme of taking disillusioning glimpses at our favorite scary things that we love, here is a behind-the-scenes photo of Brian De Palma and Sissy Spacek on the set of…   Read Story »
Here is a photo of Hugh Jackman and the K-Pop musician PSY both wearing Wolverine claws and doing the "Gangnam Style" dance, OBVIOUSLY. At a certain point, pop culture is just going to completely…   Read Story »
Uhhhhhhhhh. Brad Pitt is in this month's issue of Interview magazine, talking about whatever the hell he even talks about these days. Honestly, I am not sure. I feel like anytime you read a quote…   Read Story »
Oh look, it is a new photo of womanizing alcoholic Don Draper at his desk at Dunder Mifflin Advertising Company in the year 1904 or whatever. So handsome. Such a bad person. You love him so much. In…   Read Story »
Do you ever get the feeling that your life, and life in general, is too calm and safe? Do you wake up every morning and think, "If only I had one thing that kept me up a little too long last night…   Read Story »
Photographer Nicolas Silberfaden took a collection of photographs of celebrity and superhero impersonators in Hollywood, California. Gahhhh! What a world, what a LIFE! Look at their perfect faces!…   Read Story »
Chris Brown's new NECK TATTOO (right) was revealed today, and, uh, it is an image of a battered woman. OH BOY, THERE IS REALLY ONLY SO MUCH YOU CAN HANDLE IN THIS LIFE. Like, it goes 100% without…   Read Story »