There were rumors going around earlier this week that Jane Kaczmarek, the mother from Malcolm in the MIddle, would be appearing in a couple of episodes of the final season of Breaking Bad, which…   Read Story »
Oh, Benedict. This still from the upcoming Julian Assange biopic The Fifth Estate has been making the rounds lately, as it should, and my goodness is it ever unflattering. Our boy! WHAT HAPPENED TO…   Read Story »
We've been a little space crazy in the past week or so here at Videogum and I'm not entirely sure why. Is it because we've been tasked to clutter your life with information about living in space so…   Read Story »
Ryan Gosling attended the premiere of his new film Gangster Squad last night with his mother as his date. His mother, when asked about what she was wearing, responded, "I'm wearing Eva Mendes."…   Read Story »
I like New Girl. The other week I was watching an episode of New Girl and I thought to myself "Do you know why this show is good?" Because that is how I think, in didactic, self-reflective questions.…   Read Story »
Merry Christmas from the Kardashians! It is, of course (OF COURSE) an annual tradition for the entire Kardashian family to gather on some soundstage somewhere and have their portrait taken like…   Read Story »
Whoa, remember these old friends?! Our pals! Back for the holidays! Just to put things in perspective, during the last presidential election, some people thought it mattered who these dumb dumbs were…   Read Story »
Here is a photo of David Hasselhoff dressed up as Santa Claus on a beach. According to the "article" about this photo, it was 30 degrees outside, but Hasselhoff was a total pro! Look at him grinning…   Read Story »
I know that Kardashian related posts don't do that well on this site because everyone WENT TO COLLEGE and thinks they are SUPERIOR TO REGULAR AMERICANS, but they are OUR ROYALTY, so why don't you GET…   Read Story »
Have you guys seen that clip that's going around today from Russel Brand's TV show Brand X? Where he invited some Westboro Baptist Church Members to be on his show? And had them explain their…   Read Story »