I've been looking at this photo since yesterday. It's mesmerizing. The woman on the left is apparently his girlfriend, Shia's I mean, LOL, not the street performer's! It makes sense though, look at…   Read Story »
Admittedly, this isn't much of a contest these days. Our commenting system currently lacks its upvoting functionality (and also its downvoting functionality) and so there is no way to scientifically…   Read Story »
All of our old friends are nearly back in our living rooms! HURRY UP, DON DRAPER, YOU BIG OLD JERK! Today AMC released the character portraits from the upcoming season, along with a new trailer that…   Read Story »
I excitedly showed this collection of action film stills in which the guns are replaced by thumbs up to Gabe this morning, because I loved it and thought it was perfect and had never seen it before,…   Read Story »
Uh oh, ladies. Better call the hospital and make sure they have a last minute reservation for a VAGINA REPLACEMENT because yours just EXPLODED. (OK, first of all, I am sorry. That was gross. And I…   Read Story »
There's always a bit of sadness that goes along with the bit of happiness that we get when we see children dressed up as adults for reasons they must not fully understand. The impropriety of forcing…   Read Story »
Life can't be all work and no play. Actually, it certainly can be all work and no play, but having a life that is all work and no play is absolutely not the ideal. I think we can at least put down…   Read Story »
I watched the movie Celeste and Jesse Forever this weekend. Have you guys seen that? With Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg? It's not great. I wanted it to be great. I love when things are great. But it…   Read Story »
And Christopher McDonald, of course! So sorry to not include you in the title, Christopher McDonald, as you too are clearly going bananas over Olivia Wilde's engagement ring while at this basketball…   Read Story »
God, doesn't being a famous person in Hollywood seem great? You have champagne with every meal. You spend your evenings in Paris. All of your linens are so nice. You get to have an arc as the love…   Read Story »