Most of us, when we are walking down the street and a very, very stupid pun pops into our head, think to ourselves, well that was a very stupid pun, whoops don't step in that mess! Not so for Randy…   Read Story »
Oh, Bill Nye. You were a major figure in our childhoods and now you're a semi-major figure in our adulthoods. A person for whom we still carry a lot of fondness, even though the smirking way in which…   Read Story »
The truth is that none of us have any idea about what's going on on the other side of the paparazzo's lens. For example, sure it looks Shia LaBeouf is carrying the groceries for his girlfriend Mia…   Read Story »
Ben Affleck received an honorary doctorate from Brown University during the school's commencement ceremony over the weekend and boy is his GRIN tired! Hahahahah. Ahaha. Very good. But really he did…   Read Story »
Can you imagine the built-in anecdote this baby is going to have for the rest of his life? Any time Billy Murray or a Billy Murray movie is brought up in conversation with new people he will be free…   Read Story »
Whew, what a stressful past few days. Going to Scottsdale, AZ to relax. Anyone know of a bakery or bistro where I can chill out?— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) May 14, 2013 American actor…   Read Story »
You cannot get two steps into the Internet today without seeing images from last night's Met Gala. You can't even get two steps into Videogum without seeing an image from it, but I guess that's just…   Read Story »
OH LADIIIIIIES! OVER HERE, LADIES! Uh, did you know that the actor Jay R. Ferguson who you can currently see as the irascible Stan Rizzo in the hit AMC period drama Mad Men (or as Tyler Perry says…   Read Story »
LOOK OUT, MR. COOL SUIT, HERE COMES THE NEW MS. COOL DISGUISE! First and foremost let me just say this: by all accounts Amanda Bynes seems to be suffering the all-too-familiar fate of our young…   Read Story »
What I really wanted to do this week was have a caption contest about this, but what would the captions even be other than "Best elevator"? There's not a lot of room to play around with that one.…   Read Story »