Michael Bay posted this perfect photo recently on MichaelBay.com. I know you might be thinking, "Uh, why do we need to caption this perfect photo of Michael Bay and the cast and crew of Transformers…   Read Story »
Isn't it funny how life works out sometimes? You make all of these small, seemingly insignificant choices, and most of them turn out to be just that, but then some of them -- just as insignificant as…   Read Story »
Life is about working with what you've got -- buying affordable clothes that flatter your figure; using makeup, if you want to use makeup, to enhance what is already beautiful about your face; seeing…   Read Story »
The new Doctor Who Doctor and the forever Craig Ferguson in a post-punk band together in the '80s?! Worlds that are fairly similar been had collided back then! Obviously we know what each of those…   Read Story »
It has been hard since we lost the war against the face-huggers and the chest bursters. Society has largely collapsed and we live in constant fear, never sure where our next meal is going to come…   Read Story »
AHHH, GROSS! As we know, Bryan Cranston escaped having to interact with people while walking through the crowd at Comic-Con to the Breaking Bad panel by wearing a Heisenberg mask. Clever girl. We…   Read Story »
"Uhhh. Hah, ahh, no, no I'm a fan! I'm a total fan. This is great, it's great to meet you. It's just I think I see some friends over...there...-- Yeah, I see some friends. I'd just let them go and…   Read Story »
WHAT A NIGHTMARE. Imagine for a moment that you live in a small town and recently broke up with your boyfriend. You feel like everyone knows, everyone is looking at you in the grocery store, people…   Read Story »
Powerful stuff. Very interesting and thought-provoking question, I'm sure. How long do you think this debate lasted? Trick question. It's still going. If you turn on CNN right now and for the rest of…   Read Story »
This photo featuring Kate Gosselin pulling the sides of her eyes back has been making the rounds for pretty obvious reasons. Her explanation is that this photo actually comes from a happier time in…   Read Story »