And just like that, his wish was granted -- Thor had been transformed from the hammer-wielding superhero god to a regular Joe. Finally he was free to walk the streets in a suit, attempt to get some…   Read Story »
To celebrate The Simpson's 25th anniversary, Homer Simpson has been turned into an official "Mr. Potato Head" potato head. (According to gift etiquette, the 25th year is traditionally the scrounging…   Read Story »
Listen, the hard truth is that sometimes dreams come true and you just aren't there to experience them. That's life. Somewhere out there someone in a blue shirt, or something -- just some inanimate…   Read Story »
I gotta tell you, my man, there's nothing like cruising through the aisles of the g-store on you board. Need chicken stock? No prob, just cruise on by and throw that chicken stock in your cart --…   Read Story »
In the past two weeks or so I've seen a few minutes of two television things featuring Jenny McCarthy -- one episode of The View and this New Year's Eve broadcast -- and in each of them, in the five…   Read Story »
I'll admit that this picture is about a week old, which is maybe something that you know, and if you do know that and you're feeling a little bit miffed about it, I have one word for you: SORRY! Just…   Read Story »
This photo of Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt taking a selfie together at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service has been making…   Read Story »
I don't know what this is from or why James Franco is with a puppy, but I do know that it looks like it was cold outside, that James Franco must have been wearing more layers than he'd like you to…   Read Story »
With it being so close to Thanksgiving Hanukkah, I thought it might be somewhat hard to find a caption contest photo for the caption contest this afternoon. The photos all might already be traveling…   Read Story »
Did anyone see anything else on the Internet today, or was it all this GIF of Jennifer Lawrence for you, too? I was about to throw my computer in the garbage because I thought it was broken, but the…   Read Story »