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Documenting public marriage proposals in an effort to have there be fewer of them is something I am passionate about, but in my one or two years of work on the subject I'm not sure that I've come…   Read Story »
1. On the 16th day of Metageitnion, sacrifice the dearest thing in your life to the god Artemis. 2. Hunt and capture a swan, but be careful not to do so boastfully. 3. Care for your swan -- alive…   Read Story »
MORE SHOTS OF THE INSTRUCTOR SAYING HOW GOOD THEY ARE! Hahah. "We're putting this on the Internet, and we're paying you, so." I would perform the monsters tossing heads dance from Labyrinth. And if…   Read Story »
Enjoy your stay! (Via Buzzfeed.)   Read Story »
No. I'm sorry, but no. Absolutely not. No. Wrong. Nah-uh. Nope! Definitely no, for sure. I promise you no. Girl. No. GIRL. Girl, no. GIRL! (Via DailyPicks.)   Read Story »
Mmm, toast! (Via Digg.)   Read Story »
1 pound Lies 1 cup Garbage 2 cups Bullshit 2 pounds WTF 1 cup Are You Kidding Me?! 2 pounds Wariness 1 tablespoon (Cancer?) 4.5 ounce But Anyway Yeah, We Definitely Did Not Think…   Read Story »
It snowed (lightly flurried for one hour) this morning in Brooklyn, and it has gotten me in a very snow-y mood. Something I noticed when looking through snowfall videos on YouTube, which I have been…   Read Story »
Everyone wins. (Via DailyPicks.)   Read Story »