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Oh my god it is a snoozer out there today! Who would have thought that the Friday after a week filled will holiday hole punches, and a Friday during which half of the blog world is buried under six…   Read Story »
To you: And please take a break from celebrating the holidays with the people you love to come back and check out our annual favorites lists every day this week. Love, Kelly   Read Story »
"Being baked never calls upon us, the gingerbread men, at a moment of our choosing, because before we are baked we are not yet assembled and who even knows what we're going to be." “Freedom is…   Read Story »
I know it looks fun and beautiful, but isn't the video enough? You already have the video. You know what it looks like, don't be greedy. Stay inside, it's safe in there! (Via LaughingSquid.)   Read Story »
Here's a good prank: When your family is opening gifts on Christmas morning, if your family does that, you tell one of your family members, "For you I have an extra special GIF." They'll say, "What?…   Read Story »
Soon we will also fall quickly off of our own work roofs into the snow pile of the weekend -- so soon we can almost feel it -- but for now all we can do is sit up there, square-shaped and waiting.…   Read Story »
Hey, so, I haven't actually been able to finish Rare Exports, the movie we're all watching this week as a family for the Videogum Holiday Movie Club, because something -- I'm not pointing any fingers…   Read Story »
When Gabe left back in August, the first question that most people would ask me about the future of Videogum was, "What's going to happen to the end of the year viral video supercut?!" Which always…   Read Story »
Do not assume that it is safe to leave your home simply because you don't see any snow or evidence of ice. Think once. Think twice. Think be careful of the wind, it can be pretty strong! (Via…   Read Story »
Featuring Samuel L. Jackson, Tobey Maguire, and musical guest Arcade Fire!   Read Story »