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Listen, we all know Vin Diesel loves music. Just about one year ago he sang Rihanna's "Stay" in front of a projected screen showing the video for Rihanna's "Stay." Would a man upload a video of…   Read Story »
I'll see you on the other side of figuring out if it's within our budgets and schedules to visit Yellowknife in the next few months! (Via reddit.)   Read Story »
"And I'll name it...toddler...table dancing...dot dot dot dot...FAIL!" - Mom   Read Story »
There was a horrible moment when I was looking for Sherlock GIFs earlier today when I nearly spoiled the rest of the season for myself, so I fully QUIT that operation after having gathered only three…   Read Story »
Coke willingly lost himself in the relationship. From the outside it looked like lava was suffocating him, like he wasn't his own man anymore, but coke didn't care about what other people thought,…   Read Story »
It's a snowy wonderland outside in many areas of the country, but don't let that fool you into thinking you can get up on a mountain, snowboard, and impress your friends. You can't! YOU DON'T KNOW…   Read Story »
Yes, we obtained this video from another blog, which some might say calls into question the idea that it is an "exclusive" and yes, the video is called "Vincent Singing to Daddy's Guitar," and sure,…   Read Story »
Imagine a young teen in a fight with her parents, and she runs into her room and right before she slams the door shut she yells, "I WISH I LIVED INSIDE OF A GIF!" Hahaha. "I'M SO SICK OF LIVING…   Read Story »