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We all had fun talking to each other yesterday about Jon Gosselin (a human man who used to live in front of television cameras) and his recently acquired vasectomy. "How weird," we though, "that we…   Read Story »
Oh, god. Listen, no matter how bad your day was today -- if it was bad at all, not trying to assume your day was bad, I hope it was great! -- you AT THE VERY LEAST did not run a racist episode of…   Read Story »
[Ed. Note: Carmen Petaccio is a writer from New York City. He blogs regularly at and loves Sleepy Hollow.] His name is Ichabod Crane. In 1776, the FOX Broadcasting Company placed his…   Read Story »
Girls returned with two episodes last night during the 26th hour of the Golden Globes and made for a nice post-awards show cool down. When we left Hannah last season, she was falling deeper into the…   Read Story »
God, it feels good to have a terrible reason to not leave the house again. There is truly nothing like deciding not to do something because it is cold outside and "shows are on." At once incredibly…   Read Story »
You did it, girl. And you did it well. (Via Uproxx.)   Read Story »
NBC will air Parks and Recreation's 100th episode this Thursday, and to celebrate they've put together a 20-minute look back at the show's first five years. Want to watch it? Do you have twenty free…   Read Story »
I don't watch The Bachelor (though I have seen one episode of The Bachelorette, and it was a complete nightmare!), but I watched last night's "The Limo Introductions Episode" because after watching…   Read Story »
The wonderful Sasheer Zamata is joining the cast of Saturday Night Live, and will be the first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph left five years ago. You've probably come across and…   Read Story »
And if it comes at the end of a local news story about an ATM being stolen from a man's store, well, that's when it comes. (Via DailyPicks.)   Read Story »