Let's all go to the movies, and let's all see the same movie, and let's discuss it here.
Oh man, the beginning of Predators was so good! When it just opens in the middle of the sky and Adrien Brody is falling through the sky and he's just like "fuuuuuuuuuuuuu" and there's a flashing…   Read Story »
Before we talk about Toy Story 3, can we talk about the short that played in front of it, Night & Day? Wow! That was great! I haven't seen something that I enjoyed so much in a very long time. What a…   Read Story »
I remember playing the original Prince of Persia videogame on the computer when I was a kid. In fact, it was my favorite game for a long time. The basic premise was that you needed to jump a lot,…   Read Story »
Well, first of all, I guess we should address the elephant in the blog. From the LA Times: "MacGruber," the latest "Saturday Night Live" skit to be mistakenly turned into a movie, bombed big time.…   Read Story »
Shrug. Ridley Scott's Robin Hood prequel, or whatever that was, is a completely successful "movie." It was professionally made by people who know what they are doing, starring professional actors who…   Read Story »
Oh well. And I had been looking forward to this one, too. Iron Man 2 was long, and boring, and overly complicated only to be too simply resolved, and most importantly it wasn't very much fun. But…   Read Story »
Before we get into this, let me first say that I never read the graphic novel, Kick-Ass, on which the movie, Kick-Ass, is based. I don't know if that means I have to go to Nerd Jail, or what, but…   Read Story »
We haven't had a Videogum Movie Club in weeks because let's face it, recent new movies have been more like recent new snoozies, am I right? (And this weekend is no different. SPOILER ALERT: Remember…   Read Story »
"Whoa." --Kebanu Roves It is weird that you can't do things normally in New York sometimes. Like, I'm so sorry that I ate an early dinner before going to see Avatar on Friday night the way that a…   Read Story »
Gushers, son! Listen up cool dudes who think that it's OK for guys to be into fashion now, and even cooler girls who know that they're the only ones who can keep themselves from achieving their…   Read Story »