Let's all go to the movies, and let's all see the same movie, and let's discuss it here.
AHHHHHHHHHH! THE HUNGER GAAAAAAMESSSSSS! I haven't actually seen it yet, but apparently everyone else has. It took in more than 155 million dollars, which is SO MANY MILLIONS of dollars, making it…   Read Story »
It was difficult to predict how Friends With Kids would turn out. The cast was made up entirely of actors who have each proven their comedic, dramatic, and nice-to-look-at abilities, but paired with…   Read Story »
Drive! DRIVE! So? Did you see Drive? You were supposed to see Drive. If you haven't seen Drive yet, put your computer in the trashcan and go see Drive. We'll wait. So? Did you see Drive? Sorry that…   Read Story »
There is something to be said for having a really straight-forward idea. "This is just a movie about cowboys and aliens." I like it! There's an honesty to it that is refreshing, and I know that it's…   Read Story »
On last week's episode of Louie, during one of the comedy club stand-up routine segments, Louis talks about how it is weird/hard to live in a country with such a horrible history of racism and…   Read Story »
It all ends. Right? Did it all end? As some of you may know, I do not watch the Harry Potter movies. SO SUE ME! I've seen the first four or five or so, but I realized during the last one that I…   Read Story »
Being a kid is weird. It's very frustrating and confusing a lot of the time, probably most of the time. You're pretty much powerless over your life, and yet you've got a burgeoning emotional…   Read Story »
There is a very specific type of disappointment that you only get with big budget summer movies. It's not crushing or anything, it barely even registers as disappointment. It's just this vague,…   Read Story »
This shouldn't need and probably doesn't need to be said, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I mean, obviously. In the words of those Madea subway posters: no dehr. People always say that…   Read Story »
Had some of us--again, no one is here to play the Blame Game--been around last week, then this week's Videogum Movie Club movie would have been Bridesmaids. As it stands, some of us still haven't…   Read Story »