Let's all go to the movies, and let's all see the same movie, and let's discuss it here.
I saw Spring Breakers on a snowy Saturday afternoon about a week ago and there were only a few people in attendance at my screening. It was a very odd way to see a movie like this! There were a lot…   Read Story »
Before we even get into James Bond 007 Skyfall, we have a BREAKING EDITION of Hey, What's Up With Topher Grace: he was at my screening last night. He looked great! Very healthy, with a nice full…   Read Story »
In college I took a film class and at one point we watched Terminator 2, because that is the kind of thing that you do in college. You watch a big budget Hollywood movie about robot assassins that…   Read Story »
If you haven't seen Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master yet, you should definitely see it, but first try and figure out a way to own a home with a personal theater and have a 70mm print delivered…   Read Story »
In the weeks before The Dark Knight Rises came out, I rewatched the first two Christopher Nolan batman movies. It wasn't specifically on purpose. I'm not one of those fans who worries that he'll miss…   Read Story »
When I saw Prometheus this weekend, I went to this new-ish movie theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (which, for those of you who haven't been there, is basically a Girls Theme Park) called Nitehawk,…   Read Story »
When the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer was released in November of 2011 it seemed to surprise a lot of people, including me, because, my goodness, that trailer was so good! So fresh, so…   Read Story »
Hey everybody, let's go see Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend! It looks great! Then let's all come back here on Monday and talk about which character we thought was the prettiest. (Chris…   Read Story »
Well, that almost hit the spot! Kind of! Even when just talking about the movie with friends after seeing it, I'm finding it a little difficult to be too hard on Damsels In Distress. As a fan of Whit…   Read Story »
The new Whit Stillman movie, Damsels in Distress, comes out today! It would be very foolish of us NOT to go out and see it together like a family, and then discuss it on Monday. Don't be a fool!   Read Story »