After watching Death Sentence, a terrible movie starring Kevin Bacon as a father in search of vigilante justice directed by Saw's James Wan, Gabe embarked on The Hunt For The Worst Movie of All Time. This is his sad journey.
Somehow, against all odds, there is still a lot to be said about the complications of romantic love. That shouldn't really be the case. So much has already been said about it! It's a topic that…   Read Story »
This weekend, I went to go visit my family. It was a very quick trip, flying out on Saturday and flying back on Sunday, but sometimes with your family that's what you do. It was like that movie Up in…   Read Story »
There's a really weird part in this week's nominee for the Hunt for the Worst Movie of All Time, The Pursuit of Happyness. Will Smith's character, Chris Gardner, is a single father now, after his…   Read Story »
It seems like we're at a point, culturally, where the idea that every woman's Ultimate Goal in Life is to be married to a man has been pretty roundly dismissed. Yes? That doesn't mean that lots of…   Read Story »
Let me just say first of all that sometimes it is more fun to want something than to actually get/have it. The pleasure is in the anticipation! (Of course, sometimes you want something and then you…   Read Story »
You know that part at the beginning of Fight Club when Ed Norton is talking about what it tastes like to have a gun in your mouth? That's what this feels like! "It tastes like crying." Isn't that…   Read Story »
We all make mistakes. Some of us more than others. In fact, some of us seem to make nothing BUT mistakes. And so, here we are, at the precipice of an enormous crossroads, our clammy hands shoved…   Read Story »
When I was in high school, back in the late 1800s, I was very into music. I loved all the bands, Bobby Goodsweater, Dino Montgomery and the High Top Cruisers, Lady Buckingham. If one of these musical…   Read Story »
It is shocking (SHOCKING) that Kevin Smith has somehow remained out of the running for the Worst Movie of All Time until now. I suppose the judges were too busy with The Hunt for the Biggest Jorts of…   Read Story »
People's first loves are important. It's an exciting and memorable time in a young person's life as they experience new emotions for the very first time and enter into a purely adult relationship…   Read Story »