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1-800-COLLECT! Yo cool dudes who are interested in redefining masculinity away from a dull-witted focus on sex and violence into something more three-dimensional and emotionally engaged, and girls…   Read Story »
Pokemons! Yo cool dudes who want to find a career that is as much about their passion as it is about making money, and even cooler young women who know that the road to the white house is not paved…   Read Story »
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What's happenin', dogs! You down with OPP? Cool guys. Cooler girls. Let's rap for a second. I know that no one understands what it's like. Your parents DEFINITELY don't understand. Your teachers…   Read Story »
SUP PIMPS! We here at the Videogum Teen Korner know as well as anyone (including doctors) that teenagers go through a lot of physical and emotional changes. You see, what's happening in your body…   Read Story »
"HELLOOOOOO?! Is it November yet? I am dying over here. Last night my mom was like "why are you crying?" and I was like "New Moon doesn't come out for weeks and GET OUT OF MY ROOM. Didn't you see the…   Read Story »
Last night my mom was like "Who's Death Car for Cutie?" and I was like "GET OUT OF MY ROOM, I HATE YOU SO MUCH!" Why can't my mom be a Twilight Mom like Becky's mom?   Read Story »