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The Petting Zoo began, two years ago or however long it's been, because Gabe told me I was posting too many animal videos and that I was to be further limited to one animal video post per week.…   Read Story »
The biggest animal video-related news going around this afternoon is that Budweiser released their Super Bowl commercial called "Puppy Love" on-line and apparently, according to many different…   Read Story »
I am sick. I'm not going to die, I don't think, thx G, but my throat hurts and I feel like a bunch of garbage. But, thankfully, if there is one thing that I like to do when I'm sick it is watch…   Read Story »
We have a VERY strong Petting Zoo for you today. A great collection of adorable videos, funny videos, bloopers, sweet stuff -- a very well-balanced mix of everything you look for in animal videos.…   Read Story »
To follow up with the parking story that I began in our first animal video of the day (and I do apologize about that to those who are not particularly fans of animal videos, but we all have to do…   Read Story »
I guess this is the final installment of Petting Zoo before we break for the holidays. Jeeze! Time flies! There is only one holiday video on list, which is maybe incorrect, and maybe I should have…   Read Story »
I have been trying to make a phone call that I need to make for legitimately 30 minutes -- 30 minutes exactly, as I'm tying this -- and my iPhone refuses to put the call through, even though I have…   Read Story »
Today's list contains a Christmas-themed animal video, which might seem like jumping the gun a little bit, but as you all know We Only Life Once, and what if we die tomorrow? If we die tomorrow, will…   Read Story »
Is the weather miserable where you are? It's not that miserable where I am, even though if you caught even a small glimpse of the news you would have thought we'd be buried under 100 feet of sleet…   Read Story »
I didn't include this video in the list today, because sometimes I like to pretend that I keep a set of "rules" for these lists and that one of those rules is that I don't include compilation videos…   Read Story »