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Just one week ago, we had no idea that the future held in store for us a Batman Vs. Superman movie. We went about our days as though we lived in a world where Superman and Batman had to stay in their…   Read Story »
Guys, I think it's time we re-evaluated Rollerblades. I'm pretty sure they're cool again as of right now. They are definitely cooler than that stupid Heisenberg hat I will tell you what.   Read Story »
Hey, this stinks! ("Hey, this stinks!" is a new catchphrase I'm working on developing, the start of a new catchphrase is always the rockiest part, plz stay with me.) Due to creative differences with…   Read Story »
YOU GET A KICKSTARTER! AND YOU GET A KICKSTARTER! AND YOU GET A KICKSTARTER! (It is sad that we already live in a world where certain children do not understand Oprah references.)   Read Story »
As the Warner Bros/Legendary panel at Comic-Con came to a closZZZzzzzZzzzzzzzZZZzzzz. Ah, whoops! Ugh, how unprofessional, I'm sorry. It's just that all of this Comic-Con news has been so…   Read Story »
This week, as far as trailers go, the main thing is that Benedict Cumberbatch IS Mr. Wikileak. Everything else is just gravy. (I recognize that referring to a movie called 12 years a Slave as "gravy"…   Read Story »
Kirk Cameron, the star of Left Behind: World At War, and the creative mind behind films like Fireproof and Monumental has a new movie out called Unstoppable, and all he wants to do is share the…   Read Story »
Recently I participated in a debate with friends about the future of Google Glass, with one friend in particular arguing that the product has such a future that in a few years we'll all be…   Read Story »
Cronuts! Donuts made out of croissants! This summer, New York City has gone cuckoo for cronuts. The picture you are looking at is of the line of people outside of Dominque Ansel's bakery waiting for…   Read Story »
So many trailers, so little time! Just kidding. I mean, there are a lot of trailers to talk about this week, but there's also plenty of time to do it. No stress! Seriously, stop freaking out. Take a…   Read Story »