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ATTN. THE WEB: In a recent interview, the creator of beloved television series mentioned the possibility of filming a movie counterpart to that beloved television series. The creator mentioned having…   Read Story »
We only have four movie trailers today, which feels like a blessing. Thank you, trailer god, for this moment to catch our breath in what has been a long string of weeks overflowing with previews for…   Read Story »
[Ed. Note: Nate Fernald is a writer, a comedian, and one half of the comedy duo Team Submarine. Unfortunately, there are a few movie sequels that really messed him up.] Whenever a family movie is…   Read Story »
Three of the biggest dorks alive try on their dads' old clothes because they spilled pasta sauce on their normal clothes and they have to go to a dance soon. It's the '70s and Malcolm McLaren-type…   Read Story »
God, there have been so many trailers released in these past few weeks! Surely we will look upon them when we are starving for trailers in the upcoming months and remember them fondly, but right now…   Read Story »
We have a million trailers to watch this week and they all have every single famous person in them (NOT EXAGGERATING, ALL LITERAL), so let's not waste any more time! Put on your special movie trailer…   Read Story »
Unfortunately, I watched The Canyons this weekend. (I feel free enough to give a bad review, as I have never been on The Simpsons, so I know my negative feelings won't be taken to heart, which they…   Read Story »
I cannot tell you how honored I am that Hollywood has decided to stop making movie trailers (and movies) in honor of my departure from Videogum. I didn't ask for it, but I genuinely appreciate it! I…   Read Story »
I know it's difficult at this moment to move away from what seems to be the most pressing topic and focus on something else, especially if the most pressing topic directly affects you, but right now…   Read Story »
When I was a kid I used to get so mad at my parents if they took me to a movie and we got there just a little bit late and the trailers had already started. Because that's pretty much all you have to…   Read Story »