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Ah, our final meeting of the Videogum Holiday Movie Club on Christmas day. How appropriate. Truthfully, it's hard to celebrate anything on the day after Justin Bieber announced that he…   Read Story »
It's embarrassing how excited I was when this movie began and it was in English, and it's even more embarrassing how disappointed I was when the rest of the movie turned out to, obviously, not be in…   Read Story »
There are so many trailers to watch today. Man oh man. I would love to be able to say that there are so many that there is "something for everyone," but there isn't really. They all look pretty much…   Read Story »
WARNING: We like to have fun here with scary movies and scary commercials and scary bugs, and aside from the bugs I really enjoy it, but I know there are some of you who don't particularly like scary…   Read Story »
I didn't see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug this weekend both because I was unable to carve out 400 hours from my schedule and because, although I love Benedict Cumberbatch's voice as much as…   Read Story »
We have a bunch of not-for-me trailers to get to after the jump, but while we're here I also want to mention two things: the House of Cards season two trailer is here, and it looks great! I CAN'T…   Read Story »
I'm taking a leap of faith here and taking facetaco's suggestion for Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. "I for real cannot recommend this movie enough," he says. "It’s Finnish and creepy and charming…   Read Story »
Before watching Die Hard this week, the closest I had come to seeing the holiday classic was having seen the Stella short "Office Party" roughly one hundred thousand times. Now, after having watched…   Read Story »
Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Does whatever a trailer can / It's the Spi- / -Der-Man Trailer / We're gonna watch the Spider-Man trailer / LOOK OUT! / Here's comes the Spider-Man (trailer)! Yay! We did…   Read Story »
Next Thursday, let's all gather around the fireplace (it's the holidays, so please feel free to refer to your computer as "the fireplace"), and talk about the movie Die Hard! Which we will have…   Read Story »