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How was your day today? Pretty good, it was nice out today but still not as warm as you'd like it to be, not that you're complaining too much, and you're going to go see an apartment later because…   Read Story »
Do you know what Iron Man relies on to revitalize his energy? PLEASE BE QUIET AND DO NOT ANSWER THAT. "Uhhhhh he relies on alien subparticles that he bought with his playboy zillionaire money to…   Read Story »
This is the only "real" new trailer this week, and HOW MANY OTHER NEW TRAILERS DO YOU NEED, GREEDY! It's Thor! Hahaha. That's what I say when I go to see the Thor movies and Chris Hemsworth comes on…   Read Story »
Oh boy, here we go again! So, according to Zach Braff, he has written a new movie that is not a sequel to Garden State, but one that will appeal to fans of Garden State. Sure! Great! Fans of Garden…   Read Story »
Michael Cera directed and stars in a 20 minute short film about death, featuring Kelis. Would you hit it?   Read Story »
At times like these, I think we could all use some new movie trailers. JK. At times like these no one knows what they need, so let's just throw this at the wall and see if it sticks, though? There…   Read Story »
Elysium is the new movie from the guy who directed District 9, which was great, so everyone is real excited for Elysium and this week we have a trailer. Oh OK, you're probably thinking, well that's…   Read Story »
I was recently led into an article about the Avatar sequels with the headline "Shocking Place Avatar Sequels Will Go." UH, YES, TELL ME MORE! Hahah. That is how I respond to most Avatar headlines, to…   Read Story »
This week we have the red band trailer for Only God Forgives, which is the new movie starring Ryan Gosling and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who also directed Drive. There are some other…   Read Story »
Yay! New trailers! I don't know what's been going on lately with the trailer situation but it's been very hit or miss where some weeks we don't even have any trailers to post, which is a shame,…   Read Story »