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[Originally posted on November 15th, 2010.] [Gabe Liedman is a stand-up comedian. In his new column, he takes on the genre of Dude Flicks, where guns, pecs, car crashes and glib one-liners…   Read Story »
[Originally posted on June 22nd, 2013.] As the Warner Bros/Legendary panel at Comic-Con came to a closZZZzzzzZzzzzzzzZZZzzzz. Ah, whoops! Ugh, how unprofessional, I'm sorry. It's just that all of…   Read Story »
[Originally posted on June 30th, 2010.] A dear friend of mine and I used to have a SUPER INTELLIGENT, SOPHISTICATED, and NORMAL game called “People’s Pussies,” where we’d imagine what…   Read Story »
Benedict Cumberbatch just signed on to star in the upcoming film Blood Mountain, which Variety says, "follows a private military contractor whose special forces team is ambushed and killed during a…   Read Story »
Earlier this week, it seemed as though a trailer for Maleficent had been released, but it now looks like that trailer has been removed from all sources. So if you waited to watch it because you…   Read Story »
Ever since we first got news of the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie, one question has been on everyone's lips: "Do we really need this so fast after the last Batman trilogy ended? WHAT WILL THE…   Read Story »
Trailers, y'all! (Cool or not cool way to begin?) We've got three of them for you today and they are all basically female-fronted comedies! Kind of! One of them is a coming of age comedy and another…   Read Story »
It's Friday and you know what that means: TRAILERS! Also: END OF THE WEEK! But right now: TRAILERS! Are you guys ready to watch some? There are only four, and, spoiler alert, none of them are…   Read Story »
There are blessedly only three trailers to discuss today. Trailers are nice because they are tiny movies you can watch and be done with, but when there are, like, ten of them released in a week? Ten…   Read Story »
It is the end of the year, and I still haven't seen ("I" meaning Kelly -- contributors Carmen Petaccio and Jenny Nelson are also back to put in each of their two cents, but for now it is Kelly)…   Read Story »