We didn't have a Best New Party Game yesterday, which is traditionally the day we have Best New Party Games, because frankly, well, there weren't any. Sometimes that is just the way the party game…   Read Story »
As we have already discussed, this whole Charlie Sheen business, while a bountiful fount of hilarity and WISDOM ("there are a billion places to hide a million things"), is getting pretty dark. Like,…   Read Story »
Oh hey, Valentine's Day is next Monday. Great! The most wonderful day of the year! Just kidding. Although, it's a perfectly fine day. Honestly, the only thing more obnoxious than people who go way…   Read Story »
You know, one thing that I forgot to mention in the Bill O'Reilly Would Like to Know Where the Moon Came From post is that in addition to "I mean, c'mon" being a pretty flimsy argument, especially…   Read Story »
At first, it seems impossible that we have not played this game before, like finding a shrink-wrapped copy of Scrabble on the shelf at your parents' house. "Mom, have we never played Scrabble before?…   Read Story »
Oh, Sarah Palin. Is there even really anything else to say about her at this point? Yes. There is probably SO MUCH left to say about her. But who has the energy? She is exhausting! She reminds me of…   Read Story »
A whole new year! 12 months stretching out before us, unblemished. This guy knows what I'm talking about. NnnnnNNN....IT'S EXCITING! And now it's also FUN! You know, because games. Admittedly, I'd…   Read Story »
Birdie, Videogum's Mascot, has been on a real tear lately, both literally and figuratively. Literally in the sense that she has literally been destroying things with her teeth. Yesterday, she ruined…   Read Story »
OH I'M SO PISSED! Here we are, up to our necks in egg nog season, and still my grocery store has ZERO egg nog on the shelves. WHY DON'T I JUST KILL MYSELF? Seriously, though, what am I missing here?…   Read Story »
As you may know, this week marks the beginning of the holiday season. And what better way to celebrate than with a THEMATICALLY APPROPRIATE party game? In retrospect it's almost weird that we haven't…   Read Story »