We haven't had a BNPG in a little while, so what better time than on a glorious (meh) summer day to get together with friends and just have FUN! Can we have class outside today, ma'am? Bring your own…   Read Story »
Our pizza pals over at FilmDrunk started this one, but we are going to finish him. I mean it. What? Basically, this week's game combines everyone's three favorite things: movies, puns, and food…   Read Story »
In honor of today's news that there would be a major motion picture made about Sarah Palin, Twitter responded in classic Twitter-style with a hashtag game called #PalinFilmNames. (Via @annaholmes.)…   Read Story »
There has been a lot of talk lately about the state of women in comedy and how women can be funny, maybe even just as funny as non-women, and how maybe women aren't very well-represented in comedy,…   Read Story »
Just in time for lunch... Now, there are some glaring omissions in this video (Back to School!), but I think that commenters on YouTube have already addressed that issue. What they haven't…   Read Story »
Well, at long last, spring has finally spronged! I don't know where you are sitting right this second, but where I am sitting right this second it is GORGEOUS outside. Holy moly. Sometimes you almost…   Read Story »
We didn't have a Best New Party Game on our regular schedule this week because sometimes that's just how weeks go. But when God closes a Wednesday he opens a Friday. Huh? #unnecessarysequels. Have…   Read Story »
Some background: during last week's borderline-governmental-shutting-down-grade budgetary fight, Senator John Kyl (R-AZ) took to the Senate floor and argued that abortion constituted "90 percent of…   Read Story »
Oh boy, you guys. Now THIS is a Party Game. I know the Party Games have been kind of thin lately, but hey, some PARTIES are thin, you know what I mean? But this Party Game is...well, thick, I guess?…   Read Story »
Yesterday, comedian Kurt Braunohler, who you can see NEXT THURSDAY at the Videogum 3rd-Anniversary Show and Also Party (RSVP here), started a pretty good little game on Twitter: #ottermovies. The…   Read Story »