Hey everybody, it's been so nice outside lately! On the one hand it's a little strange because the winter was so mild (here where I live, but maybe also where you live?), and it's only March now and…   Read Story »
It's hard to say how happy it makes me that Tyler Perry's new movie about a man named Deeds who is very good is called Good Deeds. GUHHHH. Love it. I hope Tyler Perry names his private island Private…   Read Story »
This week's Best New Party Game comes from a FAILblog post of a Facebook thread but all the names are crossed out so maybe YOU (Time's Person of the Year, 2003) invented it! Basically, some IDIOT…   Read Story »
Last week, McSweeney's published one of their famous lists that just happens to follow the classic Best New Party Game model: Passive-Aggressive Movie Titles. Good thinking, McSweeney's. Good party…   Read Story »
We haven't had a BNPG in awhile because it has been autumn, and autumn is a time for reflection and death. We all died. And also the harvest. And coats. Sweaters. The point is, it's fine, but now it…   Read Story »
This is an interesting Best New Party Game because it's time sensitive and a real answer exists not very far beyond our reach! Is everyone's blood pumping? Kind of like you took maybe too much…   Read Story »
In honor of the Greatest News Story of our time, I'm throwing a party and everyone's invited. Dress up as your favorite journalist! Just kidding. Can you imagine that party? Just a sea of Sam…   Read Story »
You guys, it's my birthday today. Pretty impressive. To quote one of my Facebook wall posts, "very exciting." Hahah. Indeed! (Thank you, Sarah.) It's almost too much to handle for all of us, I'm…   Read Story »
I was staring at this Horrible Bosses movie poster on the subway platform the other day and I started thinking about what that movie would be like from the bosses' perspective. It would be very…   Read Story »
It's officially summer now, starting yesterday, and I am so happy about it. Summer is just the best. You don't have to wear a coat when you go outside, you don't have to walk through any snow, it's…   Read Story »