Tonight will bring with it the final presidential debate of 2012, focusing on foreign policy. News media report that after the last debate the polls show a DEAD HEAT between the President and Mitt…   Read Story »
The Brave Little Toaster, one of the better movies about a sentient gang of unwanted appliances to come out of the '80s, is getting a 2012 re-re-re-REMAKE! And the idea for the remake honestly…   Read Story »
As we sit here this afternoon, in our offices or our bedrooms or our living rooms or our cubicles, we teeter on the edge of summer. This weekend will bring with it Labor Day, and with that it will…   Read Story »
Hey Gummos! (that's what you guys call yourselves, right???) Now that everyone's main homeboy Mitt Romney has done the right thing and picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, thereby ensuring that…   Read Story »
69, DUDE! In honor of this being the 69th BNPG, you may either play along with the party game as I describe it, or you may play a far easier party game where you replace the number in a movie with…   Read Story »
About a year ago, Gabe introduced the then-popular twitter hashtag game "describe your penis with a movie" into the Best New Party Game repertoire. I was reminded of it because the tag…   Read Story »
Mitt Romney was on some Fox News show recently and was asked over and over again if he could give us any clues about the person he plans to choose as a running-mate, and instead of doing that he made…   Read Story »
ABC announced yesterday that it's premiering an afternoon talk show this summer to compliment Good Morning America called Good Afternoon America. Very cool. Goes great with The More Views.   Read Story »
Hot on the heels of the Scary Movie 5 "Black Swan" movie spoof idea, two MORE former Scary Movie writers have announced ANOTHER classic spoof-em-up. From Variety: It was only a matter of time before…   Read Story »
I realize this may be a little unrelatable if it hasn't been raining for the past million years wherever you live, but to be honest I can't even IMAGINE a place like that right now because THERE HAS…   Read Story »