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 +1Posted on Jun 12th, 2013 | re: I See Some Congratulations Are In Order, Game Of Thrones! (10 comments)

How gan you do a Game of Thrones gif party without including this one:

 0Posted on May 9th, 2013 | re: Sarah Dunne's "Mwah" Music Video (19 comments)

don’t forget though that Farrah Abraham’s album from last year, which is a masterpiece, was only possible because the monkey had a typewriter (and other musical equipment, I suppose).

 +2Posted on Jan 11th, 2013 | re: "Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie" (14 comments)

Now that I read this article, I think that they should totally make a film abou the making of “The Canyons” based on this article. Such a great read.

 +12Posted on Dec 25th, 2012 | re: Favorite TV Shows Of 2012 (48 comments)

I’m sorry, but I consider excluding 30 Rock’s best season from this list a hate crime.

 +5Posted on Dec 20th, 2012 | re: Here Are Some Morning Links! (27 comments)

Chris Pratt proves that you can’t be a beefcake and eat it, too.

As a German – are you telling me that Hasselhoff ISN’T Santa?!

 +2Posted on Nov 22nd, 2012 | re: You Just Have To Deal With This Adorable Baby (13 comments)


 +7Posted on Nov 13th, 2012 | re: Who Should Play The Big Thunder Mountain? (26 comments)

based on her latest music video, I’d suggest Björk. How about Lars von Trier directs?

 0Posted on Nov 2nd, 2012 | re: Who Do You Think Mitt Romney's Favorite TV Characters Are? (97 comments)

I still can’t believe that Clarissa turned out to be a Republican.

 0Posted on Nov 2nd, 2012 | re: Who Do You Think Mitt Romney's Favorite TV Characters Are? (97 comments)


 +9Posted on Oct 18th, 2012 | re: Art Is The Worst (37 comments)

Yes. Popular culture seems to be so much more reasonable than this.

 0Posted on Oct 10th, 2012 | re: Here Are Some Afternoon Links! (8 comments)

Wedding Pictures being taken with instagram – That is what this world has come to.

 +2Posted on Oct 8th, 2012 | re: Katherine Chloe Cahoon's Music Video Is Here, Perfect (36 comments)

Sometimes, I wish I was a blonde, straight, stuck up white woman.

 +6Posted on Oct 5th, 2012 | re: Thursday Night TV Open Thread (84 comments)

This was seriously the best 30 Rock episode in years. The writers were on fire with the jokes!

 +4Posted on Sep 30th, 2012 | re: What Should The Possible Downton Abbey Prequel Be Called?! (20 comments)

I can’t believe nobody has made this joke yet, but here we go:

Downton Abbey – Legend of Cora.

 +2Posted on Sep 16th, 2012 | re: Here Are Some Afternoon Links! (5 comments)

Why does nobody mention the dude in this photo with LiLo? Everything about him, from his facial expression to the position of his hand in his pocket is just perfect!

 0Posted on Sep 11th, 2012 | re: Now None Of Us Can Marry Either Blake Lively OR Ryan Reynolds (18 comments)

Here’s just a very good james Franco impression:


 0Posted on Aug 23rd, 2012 | re: Who Will Be Brave Enough To Suggest We Free Pussy Riot? (56 comments)


 +7Posted on Aug 21st, 2012 | re: "Legitimate Rape" Is OUR Generation's "Rape-Rape" (125 comments)

 0Posted on Aug 14th, 2012 | re: Germans Deliver An Important Message For All Of Mankind (27 comments)

In your waistband. (that IS the most effective way, btw.)

 +1Posted on Aug 9th, 2012 | re: A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: Joan Rivers' Costco Book Protest (27 comments)

I knew that. Still, it just seems odd to me because the sentence doesn’t make any sense. It’s about as weird as saying “I could care less” when, in fact, you couldn’t.

 +1Posted on Aug 9th, 2012 | re: Ladies, Get Over Here! I Have Some Big Shia LaBeouf News! (33 comments)

I really don’t think its fair to assume that only ladies would appreciate Shia LaBoeuf’s dong.