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 +15Posted on Jul 21st, 2011 | re: That's Your Girlfriend: Courtney Stodden (97 comments)

Classic Horace.

 +11Posted on Jul 13th, 2011 | re: Jake Gyllenhaal IS Mr. Cool Shirt (53 comments)

But at least it provides the PERFECT time to make that “fake and gay” joke.

 +18Posted on Jul 13th, 2011 | re: Jake Gyllenhaal IS Mr. Cool Shirt (53 comments)

I’m no photoshop expert, you guys; but I’m pretty sure this is definitely photoshopped.

 +29Posted on Nov 22nd, 2010 | re: The Audience's Reaction To Oprah's "Favorite Things" Is My Favorite Thing (128 comments)

All I have to say is the guy in the background in the suit is THE BEST. I have so many questions about that guy!

 +8Posted on Nov 18th, 2010 | re: Haha: Children See Saw 3D Instead Of Megamind (102 comments)

When I was in college, we would always get offers to go to free advance movie screenings. I went to go see the Lord of War screening, and, well, Lions Gate accidentally sent the theater the Undiscovered, starring Ashlee Simpson. Pretty much the most confusing 15 minutes of my life.

 +14Posted on Oct 27th, 2010 | re: Meet Ian Ziering: Professional Cosmetics Company Representative (77 comments)

So, uhm, I used to date this girl who had a roommate? And this roommate started dating Tucker Max? And then left Tucker Max to marry Ian Ziering?! WOOF. Sometimes life is just TOO MUCH.

 +8Posted on Jul 15th, 2010 | re: Teenage Boy In Town (80 comments)

Directed by Roman Polanski.

 +3Posted on Jun 23rd, 2010 | re: Best New Party Game 26: Do You Mean The One Where... (420 comments)

Who’s that one actor from Entourage who is just as douchey as his onscreen character??

 +21Posted on May 24th, 2010 | re: Lost S06E18: Series Finale. R.I.P. (388 comments)

The tumbling “rocks” reminded me of the styrofoam rocks they used to throw at the kids climbing the AggroCrag on GUTS – I was seriously expecting GLITTER EXPLOSIONS at any moment.

 +7Posted on May 18th, 2010 | re: Hey Look, Racists, FOX Presents Its Fall Line-Up (90 comments)

Okay, I am no Professor in Indian or Race Studies, over here, nor have I watched more than that 90 second clip that was posted yesterday, but I am going to go ahead and say – yes, “Outsourced” is racist and very much THE WORST.

The show’s attempt at comedy is not derived from the cleverness/wittiness of the characters themselves, but from them doing the dumbest, unfunny things in a goofy, exaggerated, and awful Indian caricatures. For instance, the clip posted yesterday features 1) a guy quoting Glengarry Glen Ross 2) a girl singing and 3) a guy dancing and singing. None of these things, on their own, would be remotely funny to anyone. If this show was a bunch of white guys doing such things, America would be all, “wtf.” But, throw in some HILARIOUS INDIANS doing them in GOOFY ACCENTS, then we have AMERICAN COMEDY GOLD. Ugh.

 +34Posted on May 5th, 2010 | re: Lost S06E15: How Do You Say "R.I.P." In SPOILER ALERT? (178 comments)

Okay, I said this last night in chat, but SO SELFISH, JIN!

“I will kill myself so you don’t have to die alone, despite the fact THAT WE HAVE A FULLY ALIVE CHILD TO RAISE. This makes sense. Too much sense.”– Dr. Jin-Soo Kwon, PhD, Family Ethics/Logic.

 +31Posted on May 3rd, 2010 | re: Quick Question About The Buried Trailer (83 comments)

Look in the cell phone. See what you saw. Take the saw and cut the flashlight in half. Two halves make a whole. Climb out of the coffin through the hole. Duh.

 +6Posted on Apr 22nd, 2010 | re: You Are About To Be Famous! (Or Raped!) (62 comments)

Anyone know what T.V. stands for?

 +28Posted on Apr 21st, 2010 | re: Lost S06E14: You Belong With Locke (142 comments)

If only Jack could find someway to make use of his insane ability to swim ridiculously long distances fully clothed, Timberlanded, and backpacked.

 +10Posted on Apr 12th, 2010 | re: Saturday Night Live: Tina Fey <3's Justin Bieber 4evar (84 comments)

You guys, is there any possible way to get pass those horrendously terrible HOW TO WEAR IT ads!? ARGH!! It is not even 11am and I am TYPING SO HARD I’VE BROKEN SEVERAL OF MY MACBOOK AIRS.

 +9Posted on Apr 6th, 2010 | re: Who Wants All This The Marriage Ref? (86 comments)

Assholes? Hey now, you basically saying all our Moms are assholes. Well, um, at least my mom. Sigh.

 -8Posted on Mar 24th, 2010 | re: Lost S06E09: Aye Carumba! (152 comments)

(Hah, this was me just jokin’, forgetting that any ridiculous statement about this show has the potential to be taken seriously because the show itself is so ridiculous. So, apologies!)

So the lead actress of The Blind Side is married to a white supremacist?? COINCIDENCE?!

 +4Posted on Mar 24th, 2010 | re: Lost S06E09: Aye Carumba! (152 comments)

who said “The New World” they were referring to was America, HMMMM?!?

 +15Posted on Mar 23rd, 2010 | re: Joe Biden Is The Permanent Headliner At The Gaffe Factory! (64 comments)

Despite his resemblance, Sam Eagle would NOT approve of these shenanigans.

 +7Posted on Mar 19th, 2010 | re: Monsters' Ball: The Week's Best Comments (388 comments)

why can’t monsters get along with other monsters?

 +6Posted on Mar 18th, 2010 | re: Joe Biden: Father, Husband, Vice President, Stand Up Comedian. (38 comments)

He is my Dad. And I love him.

(don’t worry, I will be checking every day)

The most disappointing part of my day? Discovering the Die Antwoord videos have yet to be given closed captioned access.

 +19Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010 | re: Lost S06E06: The Bad Sayid (Get It? You Get It!) (109 comments)

WHEN IS THE REPLIES!? (i used this joke last week. i know no shame)