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 0Posted on Aug 22nd, 2009 | re: Your Guide To Celebrating Avatar Day (40 comments)

I had not seen that trailer before so I commend you good sir for making my day.

 0Posted on Aug 21st, 2009 | re: The Videogum Movie Club: District 9 (125 comments)

I liked it. Enough said.

 +1Posted on Aug 21st, 2009 | re: Your Guide To Celebrating Avatar Day (40 comments)

Where is Aang, Katara and Sokka?

 -24Posted on Jun 28th, 2009 | re: Have A Great Summer And Stay Sweet, You Guys! (221 comments)

Who is Lindsay?

 +1Posted on Jun 3rd, 2009 | re: The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien: So It Begins (57 comments)

I miss Abe…but alas he had to be set free into the wild.

 +11Posted on May 18th, 2009 | re: SNL Just The Funny Parts: Hey, It's Everybody! (42 comments)

Best part was with Norm.

 +1Posted on Apr 27th, 2009 | re: James Cameron's Avatar Is Already Breaking Nerds' Minds (9 comments)

Wait…so this isn’t an adaptation of the Nicelodeon show? I am saddened now.

 0Posted on Apr 25th, 2009 | re: Friday Fight: Is Everyone On YouTube A Pervert? (31 comments)

Actually, we secretly are all perverts. For every man that has fantasized about a woman naked, there is a woman who has fantasized about a man naked.

 +2Posted on Apr 24th, 2009 | re: Don't Tase The Naked Wizard, Mortal (167 comments)

I think he gets off on Tasers.

 +1Posted on Apr 22nd, 2009 | re: RIP, Creepy Old Man Meme (38 comments)

After seeing you guys refer to that old man and sweet and similar to your grandpa…I just laughed myself silly! lololol.

 +3Posted on Apr 21st, 2009 | re: Best New Party Game 2 (292 comments)

Ocean’s Eleven: Criminals rob a casino.
Ocean’s Twelve: Criminals rob a man.
Ocean’s Thirteen: Criminals rob another casino.

 0Posted on Apr 20th, 2009 | re: Best New Party Game 2 (292 comments)

Gran Torino: Old man makes racist remarks towards asians, he is later killed.
The Wedding Singer: Man was left at the alter, settles for cocktail waitress.

 0Posted on Apr 19th, 2009 | re: Susan Boyle Will Not Be Starring In A Porno (10 comments)

The porn industry have really been struggling for press lately by offering any recent media wonder millions for a prono…first Octo-Mom and now this…Mmmm how come I can’t get an offer like this…

 +1Posted on Apr 16th, 2009 | re: Remember When Bill O'Reilly Invented Nintendo? (28 comments)

I used to have those underwear…who I am trying to kid, I still use them proudly on a day to day basis.

 0Posted on Apr 16th, 2009 | re: Puppy Vs. Talking Jesus Doll (13 comments)

Everyone should be afraid of the almighty Jesus…

 0Posted on Apr 16th, 2009 | re: Hate Crime Your Way To A Better Body (13 comments)

Anyone who uses facebook stinks. It’s a proven fact.

 0Posted on Apr 13th, 2009 | re: Start Believing In God Or This Kid Will Shoot (43 comments)

I guess I don’t matter. That hurtz my heart.

 -1Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 | re: Videogum Is This Many Years Old: (One Finger) (37 comments)

Why is there a cat on a cake?

 0Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 | re: Microsoft Wins This Round Of The Smug Douche Laptop Wars (27 comments)

Not quite so. Even though they may use the same processors, that doesn’t mean they will meet the graphic engine requirements which unless you are willing to spend at least $2000 for a Macbook Pro or somewhere between $1300-1500 for regular iMac, you won’t be getting anything decent in these terms. Plus gaming software is usually not supported in the Mac OSX, so another aspect about it. Meh anyways I’m done here. Time to go put stupid comments on stereogum.

 +3Posted on Apr 7th, 2009 | re: Surely There Is An Even Worse Crank 2 Tagline (30 comments)

What would be amazing is if they combined The Transporter and Crank. Like his heart is hooked up to his car and he has to go fast to live…my god…the genius of it!

 -9Posted on Apr 7th, 2009 | re: Microsoft Wins This Round Of The Smug Douche Laptop Wars (27 comments)

Macs are for technically computer impaired (Computer retarded) and Windows are in all truth for more technically savvy people. Either way, you can pretty much get whatever you want done on either computer. But if you want to game it up, Macs are the biggest piece of shit you can buy.

 -3Posted on Apr 3rd, 2009 | re: That's Justin Timberlake's Girlfriend: Jessica Biel Practices Stripping (10 comments)

Jessica Biel is so sexy! I’ve been having fantasies of her ever since she was on 7th Heaven.

 0Posted on Apr 3rd, 2009 | re: Just A Straight Up Racist Toothpaste Commercial (27 comments)

lol wow….I’m speechless.

 +3Posted on Mar 31st, 2009 | re: This Is A Secret Message To Charlie: Run! (43 comments)


 0Posted on Mar 27th, 2009 | re: Make Your Own Where The Wild Things Are Trailer (47 comments)

The happiness of the original is too cool to bring down. Shame!