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 +17Posted on Apr 16th, 2012 | re: You Can't Always Control How You're Remembered (10 comments)

It’s a good thing they were in DC and he was playing God Bless America then

 +2Posted on Dec 20th, 2011 | re: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Open Thread (129 comments)

There are a lot more Steeler cameos than just Hines Ward:

Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, Mike Wallace, James Farrior, Heath Miller, Casey Hampton, Aaron Smith, Ryan Clark, Willie Colon, Maurkice Pouncey, and Bill Cowher. Ugh.

 +13Posted on Dec 12th, 2011 | re: Saturday Night Live: Katy Perry And Robyn (55 comments)

I wish they had saved Stefon for next week and had Jimmy Fallon come on as Stefon’s brother or something just to see which one of them would break the most. I don’t mind when they break because it’s usually still funny, I’m just curious.

Actually it would definitely be Fallon. Nevermind.

 +12Posted on Dec 9th, 2011 | re: Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments (90 comments)

Ok, I’m not trying to be a super perv here, although I do love Alison Brie as much as the next guy, but if you read her lips it seriously looks like she’s saying “Fuck me!” Right?!? Am I the only one that sees this?

 +5Posted on Nov 28th, 2011 | re: Here Are Some Afternoon Links! (14 comments)

WOAH I thought you were joking when you said that guy looks like Ryan Gosling and Louis CK, because they look nothing alike, but holy shit that guy looks A LOT like both Ryan Gosling AND Louis CK! My brain just melted!

 +7Posted on Oct 31st, 2011 | re: The Walking Dead S02E03: The One Where Shane Gets A Haircut (91 comments)

Shane Broke Bad! Shaved head and all.

After I finished ordering, Mark asked me what I wanted to drink. I said a Coke. Then he made a farting noise with his mouth and said “What’s the matter, smartass, you don’t wanna try the fuckin’ shakes here?”

 +2Posted on Oct 10th, 2011 | re: Breaking Bad S04E13: Season Finale (218 comments)

The Chileans are a definite possibility. I thought about that, since Vince Gilligan has said a few times that every action that the characters make needs to have consequences, and he’s also said that he would love to have Gus back next season in flashbacks, a la Gale. So we will probably learn more about his past next season. Hopefully, anyway.

I hadn’t thought about the Germans, although that is very interesting. I guess the Chileans, the Germans, or even some other Mexicans, are all possibilities, and would fall under new characters.

 0Posted on Oct 10th, 2011 | re: Breaking Bad S04E13: Season Finale (218 comments)

Yes! I think so.Thank you

 +14Posted on Oct 10th, 2011 | re: Breaking Bad S04E13: Season Finale (218 comments)

Season 5 speculation!

Who or what will lead to Walt’s eventual demise? I feel like the series has to end with Walt dying. I’ll try to set some odds.

5/1 – A combination of multiple scenarios listed below.

10/1 – JESSE. Tumultuous relationship to say the least, plus he could have killed Brock and essentially killed Jane.

15/1 – HANK. Superlab was destroyed. DEA doesn’t know what to make of the nursing home explosion. The Heisenberg trail is cold. But methinks that when they go snooping around asking if anyone had seen anything suspicious, an old lady will recall seeing a bald man with a goatee and glasses and a bandage on his nose outside the window.

20/1 – WALT. Considered killing himself before, may go over the edge when he wakes up and realizes what’s become of himself.

30/1 – CANCER. He’s got cancer.

40/1 – MIKE. Don’t know if he’d have the motivation to do so, but he certainly has the ability.

40/1 – GOMEZ/OTHER COP OR DEA AGENT. In a shootout!

40/1 – NEW CHARACTER. We’re meeting new important people all the time on this show.

50/1 – SKYLER. Her husband is a monster. And she’s been “Breaking Bad” herself recently.

50/1 – SAUL/HUELL/BILL BURR. Don’t know why but it’s a long season.

75/1 – NOBODY. Maybe Walt doesn’t die and just everybody else does.

100/1 – WALT JR. His dad is a monster.

200/1 – MARIE. No idea.

500/1 – BROCK. By poison, obviously. Revenge.

1000/1 – BOGDAN. Wants his carwash back.

2000/1 – BADGER/THAT OTHER GUY THAT JESSE IS FRIENDS WITH. I want Badger to come back.

5000/1 – METH LAB/CAR WASH EXPLOSION. That would be the worst, wouldn’t it?

Place your bets. Am I missing anyone or anything?

 +4Posted on Jan 10th, 2011 | re: Saturday Night Live: Jim Carrey And The Black Keys (45 comments)

Jim Carrey’s song was really funny, I thought Ocean Billy was funny, and the one with Keenan and his family of 26 sharing one bathroom. The funniest of all though was the one with the robots.

Does a robot
drink champagne?
Yes a robot
drinks champagne!

The rest of the skit, not so funny. So like half.

Also, I have a terrible feeling that Gwyneth Paltrow will be bad next week. I really hope I’m wrong.

 +1Posted on Nov 22nd, 2010 | re: Saturday Night Live: Anne Hathaway And Florence & The Machine (68 comments)

I thought Anne Hathaway was good the last time she hosted too. At least I think so, I can’t remember. Was it her that did the Mary Poppins skit? Because that was great.

Herb Welch was probably one of the funniest skits of the season so far. Bill Hader is awesome.

I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I can’t stand Penelope. Or the Miley Cyrus Show. I find them both to be incredibly annoying and just not that funny. Like the premise is kinda funny on its own, but I can’t take either one for a four or five minute sketch.