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 +15Posted on Jan 18th, 2012 | re: Quote Of The Day: Mark Wahlberg Would Have Stopped 9/11 (94 comments)

Great news! We don’t need the TSA anymore. Let’s just put Mark Wahlberg on all the planes, and no one ever has to take their laptop out of their laptop bag at the airport.

 +2Posted on Aug 12th, 2011 | re: Q: How Chill Is This Owl? (37 comments)

Is this what “Legends of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga’hoole” is about? b/c i know owls are involved with that somehow.

 +4Posted on Aug 10th, 2011 | re: NYC Subway Nightmare (71 comments)

i think snow is the least worst part of new york (right everyone?) your other concerns seem valid though.

 +6Posted on Aug 10th, 2011 | re: NYC Subway Nightmare (71 comments)

it’s just like pranks, but instead of being targeted at one person, it’s expanded to the level of community.

 +17Posted on Aug 10th, 2011 | re: This Robot Pillow Video Might Actually Be Pornography, I'm Not Sure (39 comments)

The real question is how my eight cats are going to react to this loneliness robot pillow.

 +12Posted on Jun 14th, 2011 | re: Today We Are All This Lion (24 comments)

I think that if the glass disappeared or the lion succeeded in eating its way out, it would not eat the baby but probably just lick it and cuddle it and raise as one of its own, and the baby would love it and get to hang out petting lions all the time and there would be lots of cuddling happening. I’m pretty sure that’s how it would go.

 +9Posted on Jun 10th, 2011 | re: Give Us A Smile C'Moonnnnn (51 comments)

yes, it’s stealth sexual harassment.

 0Posted on Jun 9th, 2011 | re: Ask Idris Elba (41 comments)

Question: I watched the first episode of Luther, and while I have a giant crush on Idris Elba, i did NOT think it was very good? Am I alone? Should I watched the 2nd episode before truly deciding? Pls help!

 +8Posted on Feb 9th, 2011 | re: Let's Do The Charlie Sheen Numbers (73 comments)

What do you think it means that (as of this moment) 72.53% of people chose the FIRST yes, and only 27.47% chose the second yes? Does the second yes secretly mean no? Or is it like the stalls in a big bathroom, your instinct is to avoid the first one because you think it’s dirty but then you heard that actually b/c everyone avoids it it’s the cleanest, so then everyone ends up using it?

 +3Posted on Dec 9th, 2010 | re: Gwyneth Paltrow Is "Freezing Her Ass Off," And "A Fucking Liar" (85 comments)

To be FAIR, I am actually really cold right now. But I don’t know how it is where you are.

 +5Posted on Dec 6th, 2010 | re: The Walking Dead S01E06: Season Finale (119 comments)

“I don’t think a nail file is gonna cut it!,” said Shane, a very sensitive man who fully understood that women were not only his equals but individual human beings each with their own strengths and weaknesses and who was not at all sexist. He just knew that that short-haired lady loved filing her nails and was always trying to use nail files in grossly inappropriate situations and wanted, reasonably, to stem any attempts to waste time using a nail file to break the windows, which would definitely not work!

 +11Posted on Nov 19th, 2010 | re: By Request: The Reset Button (204 comments)


 +95Posted on Nov 15th, 2010 | re: The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: American Beauty (409 comments)

When I was 15, I both cried at this movie and took my boyfriend to it to make out during it MULTIPLE TIMES. We also made out to Double Jeopardy, starring Ashley Judd. “You can’t be tried for the same crime twice!” After we broke up, I cried at Double Jeopardy too.

 +1Posted on Oct 27th, 2010 | re: This Is Your Question (114 comments)

That was about World of Warcraft???

 +4Posted on Sep 23rd, 2010 | re: Well, Undercovers Is Fucking Terrible (49 comments)

Not to out-loser you but i actually DID start re-watching it from the beginning not that long ago. I only have season 1 on DVD, though, so we’ll reach a crux of loserness when I reach the end of season 1 and have to decide whether to purchase season 2.

Weren’t you so befuddled when Bradley Cooper started showing up everywhere as a huge jerk? I was like, wait everyone, Will Tippin is a really nice guy! Why don’t they get it?

 +1Posted on Sep 23rd, 2010 | re: Well, Undercovers Is Fucking Terrible (49 comments)

Just kidding, I love that show.

 +1Posted on Sep 23rd, 2010 | re: Well, Undercovers Is Fucking Terrible (49 comments)

spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 +10Posted on Sep 22nd, 2010 | re: Super Nintendo Chalmers Open Thread (642 comments)

“Money can be exchanged for goods and services.”

 +13Posted on Sep 21st, 2010 | re: That's Your Newspaper: The Lake Crystal Tribune (64 comments)

“One Lake Crystal man told FOX 9, ‘It’s the kind of thing people would joke about in private, but not say in a public forum.’” This man gets it.

 +36Posted on Sep 2nd, 2010 | re: That's Your Girlfriend: Gas Station Robbery Eyewitness (36 comments)

Okay, but did anyone check her knee to make sure this story checks out?

 +1Posted on Aug 10th, 2010 | re: Being White Is Hard: The Romantics Trailer (92 comments)

cool reference!

 +59Posted on Aug 10th, 2010 | re: Being White Is Hard: The Romantics Trailer (92 comments)

SPOILER ALERT: It does indeed rain.

 +3Posted on Aug 10th, 2010 | re: The Videogum Movie Club: Step Up 3D (70 comments)

Remember when the movie used the phrase “born from a boombox” at least three times? That was almost as amazing as when they made out in the midst of a windstorm made out of garbage and icee juice, which was in turn almost as amazing as when Moose accidentally knocked a pipe, and water got everywhere, and everyone was like, holy shit dance battle canceled! thanks for nothing, kid! but then moose and the pirates showed everyone that water just makes dance battles that much better!!

 +5Posted on Aug 2nd, 2010 | re: True Blood S03E07: Will No One Pull The Plug On Sookie? (59 comments)

Remember when he super-vampire-fast texted? That was great. Come back, Franklin!

 +1Posted on Jul 30th, 2010 | re: Jersey Shore S02E01: Open Thread (60 comments)

I think you mean NICOLE. “Sheesh!” – jerseyshoregum.