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 +1Posted on Jan 27th, 2013 | re: The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Greenberg (130 comments)

Ha, so basically the argument comes down to this movies doesn’t follow the convention of a likeable lead and it makes it a bad movie? Such a lame argument. ‘Greenberg’ admittedly wasn’t a blow away winner on first viewing, but this movie lends itself to multiple viewings like you, or nearly anybody posting here would believe. This is such an underrated movie.

I’m also incredibly bored with these criticisms of Baumbach tackling the ‘white’ movie or a certain wealth class.

Ugh, seriously, this list is so entertaining and interesting, but there are so many better directors to attack on the pseudo Indie level of American filmmaking. Baumbach has vision, focus and a unique interest in writing and directing. Not every movie will be or should be ‘Squid’ or ‘K&S’. I wouldn’t argue those are his two most accessible, and perhaps best. Both this film and ‘Margot at the Wedding’, earlier slagged, are both really interesting looks into the psyche of terrible ppl. And if you allow them, if you can adjust yourself, are both terribly funny.