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 +10Posted on Jul 25th, 2012 | re: Benedict Cumberbatch Was Nice To Someone! (60 comments)

I was gonna say Taylor Kitsch and Brooklyn Decker when they were here in Korea for the Battleship premiere, but then I remembered I played Magic the Gathering with the guy who played ‘Goob’ on Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, so probably him.

 +2Posted on Dec 27th, 2011 | re: Favorite TV Shows Of 2011 (68 comments)

homeland truly is amazing. i didn’t have high hopes for it going in, but it hooked me. the characters are all flawed enough to be deeply relatable and their flaws keep you guessing what their real agenda is. very suspenseful without feeling forced, which is rare. plus it’s a good substitute for rubicon, which was sooooooo unfairly cancelled.

 +3Posted on Dec 27th, 2011 | re: Favorite TV Shows Of 2011 (68 comments)

YOU relax. you made a promise to louis ck and not including him in the list is a breach of trust.
also, you left out the league, teen wolf, boardwalk empire, bored to death, modern family, happy endings, omg i’m a tv nerd, never mind.

 +10Posted on Dec 24th, 2011 | re: Another Soldier Surprising Their Kid Video To Make You Cry (7 comments)

ugh. i also love/hate these videos. i did this exact thing last year just before christmas and now every time i see one of these i i remember my daughters’ reactions and i fucking kills me. my older daughter did the thing that this kid did, where she just stared at me in disbelief and then finally ran and jumped into my arms, and my younger daughter saw me and straight knocked down 3 kids immediately so she could get to me.
the army is tough on families. i’ve seen mine 3 times in the last 2 years, but we’re finally gonna be back together in about a month, so shit like this is really personal to me right now. this has been the hardest holiday season for me, but the goal line is in sight.
i know i sound whiny as shit right now, but i figure this is a good time to say thanks to the videogum community. i know i don’t comment a lot, but i’ve been around for a few months and i really like how this is more like a family than just a bunch of trolls and attention whores vying for attention. there’s a sense of familiarity here that i have never seen anywhere on the web an i appreciate it.
merry christmas to you all, or happy hannukah, or happy holidays or whatever.

 +1Posted on Dec 15th, 2011 | re: The Gummy Awards: Your Favorite TV Shows Of 2011 (90 comments)

i love how high on the list the walking dead is, yet no one stepped up to defend it in the comments. i mean obviously enough people liked it to put it at #6. so i will just say this: i like the walking dead. i agree with a lot of the criticism of it, but i’d still rather watch that than law and order: miami or fringe or something. but i guess haters gonna hate.

also, revenge is turning out to be much better than i expected. worth a watch.

 +4Posted on Dec 15th, 2011 | re: The 2012 Golden Globe Nominations (72 comments)

who cares about the golden bulbs or whatever. what i’d like to focus on is the amazing literary device that gabe uses in this type of post where he does not use contractions whatsoever. it adds to the feeling of disbelief and discontent and disconsternation that we all must surely feel. i am a very lazy person and i feel very strongly that using contractions should be a cornerstone of all of our (my) lives, but this is just a very good use of not using said contractions.

also, for a lazy person, that was a very long comment. i am so proud of myself.

 +2Posted on Dec 15th, 2011 | re: What Is Christmas, If Not A Time For Being Yourself? (22 comments)

i’ve had a hard time getting in the christmas spirit this year, but good god damn did that not do it for me.

 +1Posted on Dec 15th, 2011 | re: Can We Talk About Tallafornia, The Irish Jersey Shore? (64 comments)

there are a surprising amount of texan expats on videogum. when i tell people i’m from texas they just make the same dumb joke about everything beiong bigger, because i’m 6’6″. what i wouldn’t give for a dallas reference or a bush insult. (speaking of which, did anyone see the time magazine interview with bono where he said g dub was the most influential person in where the war on aids or whatever is at right now? that kinda blew me away.)

 +2Posted on Dec 15th, 2011 | re: A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: The Dictator Trailer (42 comments)

good thing about being in korea and therefore posting after this thread is long dead is that very few people will read this comment. but i gotta say, i actually lol’ed a few times during this trailer and think that i will probably enjoy this movie.

 +6Posted on Dec 15th, 2011 | re: A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: The Dictator Trailer (42 comments)

my kids know jack black because of this episode of yo gabba gabba, and now anytime they see him in anything else they say ‘hey, it’s jack!!!” all excited like they know him personally. then i look like the bad guy cause i won’t let them hang out with jack in tropic thunder. stupid yo gabba gabba.

 +2Posted on Nov 30th, 2011 | re: Little Girl Stops Crying With Sunglasses On, As Do We All (16 comments)

Just bring a pair with you when you go see Twilight with Kelly, cause you know she’s gonna be bawling either during the wedding or the eating of the baby or whatever.

 +2Posted on Nov 30th, 2011 | re: Little Girl Stops Crying With Sunglasses On, As Do We All (16 comments)

Though to be fair, I’ve felt at ease in very large grandma glasses since the mid-90′s.

 +4Posted on Nov 30th, 2011 | re: Little Girl Stops Crying With Sunglasses On, As Do We All (16 comments)

You have no idea. And it’s not just the ladies. I’ve been in Korea for a year and I find myself unconsciously chunking the deuce in pictures all the time. It’s like an epidemic.

God I hate me some Rick Perry. He ruined my state, no way in Hell do I want him ruining my country.

I wanted to make some pithy comment about this video, but every time I see his stupid face I get so riled up I can’t think straight. Uggggghhhhhhhh. I rest my case.

 +1Posted on Nov 30th, 2011 | re: A Trash Can Gets A Man To Propose To A Woman (36 comments)

I assumed you made that up, but I went and looked and she actually did comment that. I also assumed that this was staged, because no way did Push the Magical Talking Fucking Trashcan just happen to guess that Gary had a ring on him. Now I’m freaked out and there is no way in hell I am ever going to Disney World. HOW DID HE KNOOOOOOWWWWW?!?!?!111/?!

(Also, the worst part is going to be explaining to my 3 kids that Daddy won’t let them go to Disney World because he’s afraid of what the psychic talking trash can is going to make him do/expose that he’s done.)

 +3Posted on Nov 30th, 2011 | re: Girl Stuff: Let's Write A Story With Nikki Reed! (18 comments)

I told him that if I couldn’t share our love with the world I would just die. He then used his beautiful words, twistingly and turningly and somehow morphingly to convince me that it was probably a good idea if I did. Die, that is, not tell the world about our love. Sooooooo… thanks for reading my suicide note, I guess? See you all in Hell!

 +14Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011 | re: Dating Advice For Jason Segel (38 comments)

Yeah, I thought having the puppets with roses in their mouths was hilarious until I actually pictured it. Now I can’t get that image out of my mind. This is gonna be a dark day.

My parents had He-Man do the stanky leg at my 4th birthday. I still have nightmares about it. (The lap dance fom She-Ra was thoughtful, though.)

 +4Posted on Nov 21st, 2011 | re: The Walking Dead S02E06: Everyone Gets Their Honks Honked (126 comments)

I have to say, I actually enjoyed this episode. It still had it’s share of ridiculous moments, but it brought some good people vs people dramatic conflict, which is what this show has been missing. It also had some nice character building moments, which is what the comic is all about. I love Gabe’s recaps, they really point out a lot of the plain stupidity that has happened this season, but this episode gave me a little hope. Next week is the mid-season finale, and then it’s half a season of new writers. I still have hope that this show can get good.

 0Posted on Nov 19th, 2011 | re: This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys (82 comments)

Yeah, that trailer really really made me wan to watch it. ‘It’ being Battle Royale, man that movie is great. Chock full of horrifying, gory teen deaths.

 +3Posted on Nov 19th, 2011 | re: This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys (82 comments)

I kniw how you feel. I rarely comment cause I live in Korea too, it’s like what’s the point? OccupyKorea, we are the comments that only 1% will read.

 +1Posted on Nov 17th, 2011 | re: That's Your Boyfriend: Veterans Day Imposter Thumbhead (32 comments)

dude, i’m in the army and i didn’t even know we got all that shit free. i can’t totally hate this guy cause he just made my plans for memorial day and veterans day for the rest of my life. oh, wait, yes i can because a huge piece of shit. fuck that guy.

 +2Posted on Nov 14th, 2011 | re: Brad Pitt "Retiring From Acting In The Next Three Years" Movies! (33 comments)

The Assassination of Brad Pitt’s Career by the Old Basterd Brad Pitt

Leaf definitely looks like a fruit to me.

I went to National Press Photographers Association training last month and I am severely disappointed that they didn’t teach us the fruit costume technique. I’ve been watching my colleagues win awards for months now, and I;m sure I could’ve gotten a Keith L. Ware Award if only I’d known to wear that pear costume from seventh grade…