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brace yourself for bad feelings!

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I just realized they didn’t write parts for Meera and Jojen Reed, who are pretty important characters in Bran’s storyline.

 0Posted on Mar 23rd, 2012 | re: The Walking Dead S02E13: Season Finale (160 comments)

In the Comic book Sword Druid explains that after she cut off their arms and jaws they stopped trying to attack after a while and keeping them close kept other zombies from attacking her. Nerd magic, whatever.

 +12Posted on Feb 20th, 2012 | re: Let's Make Our Own Lindsay Lohan Artwork! (15 comments)

Maybe you could help me out with this. Is there a dating site for Americans that are really into Eastern European porn/scam spam writers?

Nope. No. You are wrong. I am shut down repeatedly by gays that are ONLY into older dudes. I know quite a few girls who are the same way. I think you need to get out more.

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Bridget Jones

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Britney gif party!

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“You won’t hear my screams!”

Ya burnt, witch. Literally.

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Not gonna lie. I think it would be super fun to hang out with Ke$ha. I know she’s a music industry Frankenstein, but I think she’s transcended the mask. She’s become the Black Swan or whatever. Jack Swan. Something.

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He’s auditioning for America’s Next Top Typist

Remember to smize!

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“When a simple, yet fantastically audacious idea to buy everything in a store was hatched between beers in a Hawaiian hot tub…a group of artists from a diverse range of backgrounds converged in New York City to collaborate on an art project called Store Buyout.”

You’re white and rich and bored. Maybe you can get Sofia Coppola to make a movie about you.

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If only these guys would get accidentally smothered in a 500 person pillow fight in the park or their 3 story blanket fort would come crashing down on their heads and we’d never have to hear from these twee idiots again.

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I feel like Tampa is kind of on par with Grand Rapids (bland, full of old people, high unemployment), except we could never get a large mass of people to put on a shrill lip dub counterargument to Newsweek unless it was in an air conditioned room. It’s hot you guys. The sun hurts. Stop it, sun.

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The Florida stereotype was pretty spot on. The only thing I would add is that people aren’t meant to live here.

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Fistful of Wolf Pelts

Beat me to it :(

And I thought nursing homes smelled bad on the outside!