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 0Posted on Sep 14th, 2012 | re: Wednesday Afternoon Dance Break! (9 comments)

“what is going on with this party?”

a question for the aliens who discover this video years after the earth has been destroyed by the ilk of the tank top losers in this video, aka our future. and now…the quote contained within the breakfast club has begun to make sense to me.

 +1Posted on Jul 27th, 2012 | re: Benedict Cumberbatch Was Nice To Someone! (60 comments)

gah, i want in on this in its early concept. smell is such an important and overlooked asset of the celebrity spotting/meeting genre.

 0Posted on Jul 27th, 2012 | re: Benedict Cumberbatch Was Nice To Someone! (60 comments)

frank black. i was a totally drunken fucktard and thanked him for being a prominent artist on the soundtrack to my life and he appeared to be completely unimpressed by my kraken fueled speech. later on i rolled around on the hood of his caddy and friends took pictures like it was a whitesnake video. supercrawl in hamilton is awesome, by the way.

 0Posted on Jul 27th, 2012 | re: Benedict Cumberbatch Was Nice To Someone! (60 comments)

seriously? i’d become convinced that bill curtis did hundreds of voice overs in his basement for future a&e series and then died. i sort of f’love him. a lot. in fact, if the man recorded some lullabies i’d basically be set for life.

on it. blame it on the vodka.

 0Posted on Jul 27th, 2012 | re: How To Poop Like A Child (15 comments)

i’ve got a boston terrorist…i heard about the “good poopy” thing and he was such an asshole about it…to the point that at night he was on a leash attached to my arm and when he was about to sneak away to do his business i’d have to get up and take him outside in a high rise building in the middle of the night. terriers are stubborn to the core…to this day he knows the command “come” but refuses to do it with me, ever. he was a gift from an ex and my first dog…my second is a rescue and amazingly intelligent and far easier to train. terriers are terrorists.

my tattoo artist has a sticker on his kit that says, “ignorance is expensive”. my first tattoo was of a spider on my inner calf. since then i’ve developed a quite healthy adverse response to spiders. to the point that i am completely insane when i see a spider of any size, shape or form. having a former roommate who abandoned 18 tarantulas sort of grew that into a proper phobia. regrets, yes, i’ve a few and it’ll cost quite a bit to fix.

this child’s facial responses make me thankful to be child-free and a happily crazy dog lady.

knitta, please. i love the concept!

i’ve had a ball of yarn with needles in a skull and crossbones theme planned for my armpit for some time now. maybe one day i’ll get up the courage to actually get it.

late to the party and new to the site, but so sorry to hear of your loss…my one guy, oliver freaks out each and every time he sees a statue of anything. best was at our old dog park where there are two enormous blue and green statues of dogs…after peeing on the one he looked up and realized he had just wizzed on a huge green dog with crazy eyes and freaked out.