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Bracetaco yourself…..

 +5Posted on Jan 21st, 2013 | re: Saturday Night Live: Jennifer Lawrence And The Lumineers (12 comments)

Second Hand news is one of my favorites. This one wasn’t great, but it still made me laugh so much.

 0Posted on Jan 7th, 2013 | re: Monday Giveaway: Promised Land Prize Package (26 comments)

I recently read a Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers, and really loved it. I think Matt Damon is really cool, but my favorite work of his (I almost wrote “his favorite work of mine” haha) is probably the “I fucked Matt Damon” video by Sarah Silverman. I’m trying to read The Bedwetter right now, and it’s prrtty good! I thought that Away We Go was really funny and charming and fun to watch and I loved all the smaller-role characters. Fun to watch! I also just bought the 2012 edition of America’s Best NonRequired Reading from the Best of American Series. It is released yearly. Each edition is edited by Dave Eggers and the stories are chosen by a class of high school students. So good! Short fiction, graphic stories, nofiction pieces, funny suff! It is my favorite! Each edition has an introduction by a guest editor. Matt Greoning! Sufjan Stevens! Beck! Maurice Sendack! Judy Blume! This year’s edition was Ray Bradbury. It was a really, really moving introduction. Read it! I haven’t read past the intro of this year’s edition yet, but usually the writing in each issue is just the best, so I am so excited. Jon Krasinski is really funny to Dwight in the first few seasons of The Office. Gus Van Sant is a really good director, obviously. Into the Abyss is on Netflix Instant! Ohmygod! Really good!

So, in conclusion, my favorite work associated with this movie is the “I Fucked Matt Damon” video.