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“No, Jeremy, no. I have spent all friggin’ day with these things. They cry, they spit, they leak. I need some ME time and all I’m asking is for you to take them out for a walk. I didn’t want these things in the first place! You wanted them, but you didn’t have to push them out of your nethers! You know what it looks like down there now? Of course you don’t, it’s not like we’ve even TRIED since bringing them home. I’m tired, I’m sore and my breasts are leaking. Just TAKE THEM. Twenty minutes, that’s all I’m asking.”

–the shelf

 0Posted on Aug 28th, 2011 | re: Friday Giveaway: iFrogz Headphones! (68 comments)

I just moved to Japan, so I’d use it to drown out all the noise of all the really friendly Japanese people willing to talk to me while I ironically listen to “How to speak Japanese” tapes. YES I SAID TAPES.