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 +17Posted on Aug 2nd, 2013 | re: This Is Just A Goodbye Post (241 comments)

You did a great job with this site, it is one of the few places on the internet that manages to mix some amazing thought provoking and smart pop culture/societal criticism with cat gifs and hilarious film reviews (among many other things) pretty seamlessly.
Videogum is an amazing little corner on the internet, you and everyone involved should be proud of what you’ve done here.
RIP Gabe!
Good luck in heaven/hell (let’s be honest, it could go either way) and whatever else you go on to do up/down there…I don’t know where I’m going with this ‘joke’ so I’m just going to stop now and post a gif.

All the best Gabe!

 +3Posted on Apr 27th, 2013 | re: Monsters' Ball: The Week's Top Comments (39 comments)

Aw I didn’t make the cut :/
Always the bridesmaid, never the bride basically

 +2Posted on Apr 25th, 2013 | re: BREAKING: "Jennifer Garner Walks Past Tobey Maguire Without Noticing" (28 comments)


How do I delete those fail comments? Someone help please

 +1Posted on Apr 25th, 2013 | re: BREAKING: "Jennifer Garner Walks Past Tobey Maguire Without Noticing" (28 comments)


Attempt no.2

 +2Posted on Apr 25th, 2013 | re: BREAKING: "Jennifer Garner Walks Past Tobey Maguire Without Noticing" (28 comments)

Or pretend to read a book.
Just remember to turn the pages, nod a lot and scratch your chin, it looks *very* natural.

 +3Posted on Apr 25th, 2013 | re: Tilda Swinton's Dance-Along Is Required Viewing For Everyone (33 comments)

I can’t believe some of those people standing there stiffly and not dancing.
If Tilda Swinton tells you to get moving, you damn well better start dancing like the rent is due the next day!

 +58Posted on Apr 24th, 2013 | re: Hollywood's Most Hated Celebrity Also The World's Most Beautiful Woman? (44 comments)

It’s not weird if I print and frame this picture right?
What if I photoshop my face over the dogs?

 0Posted on Mar 28th, 2013 | re: Hey, Want To Write Some NBC Jokes For Jay Leno? (38 comments)

Well played

 0Posted on Mar 25th, 2013 | re: Happy Passover, Jews! (22 comments)


 0Posted on Mar 25th, 2013 | re: Brad Pitt Seems Pretty Chill About The Collapse Of Human Civilization (28 comments)

Maybe he’s screaming inwardly but doesn’t want to show it.
Did you think about that Gabe? Eh? Did ya? No, you didn’t.
I rest my case.

 +25Posted on Mar 18th, 2013 | re: If You Don't Want To Be "Labeled A Sex Offender," Don't Rape Someone! (132 comments)

 0Posted on Mar 15th, 2013 | re: The Videogum Why Don't YOU Caption It?! Contest: Tom Hardy Got A Puppy (49 comments)

I think this is the most jealous I’ve ever been of a dog since Turner & Hooch (he got to hang put with Tom Hanks and help solve a crime!).

 0Posted on Mar 14th, 2013 | re: The Perfect Crime: Falling Asleep On A Plate Of French Fries (39 comments)

I don’t understand why this is a problem.
Who hasn’t been so drunk that they’ve fallen asleep in their food?
Then again I live in a country where drinking is a national pastime so maybe I’m not the best judge on things like this…

 +3Posted on Mar 13th, 2013 | re: Today We Talk About Kickstarter (58 comments)

A signed bible?
Why did the prizes get shittier the more you pay?

For $10,000 I want a signed guarantee that says I’m getting into heaven and front row tickets to the end of world cage match between Jesus and Satan.

 +4Posted on Mar 13th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (105 comments)

Well it’s snowing where I am, and I have a day off so I wrapped up warm, turned up the heat and ate two magnum ice creams.
I also shouted at some episodes of L&O:SVU, decided to do pilates but tl;dr I ended up taking a nap on my mat and listened to Justin Timberlake’s new album (half is very good the rest is meh).

 +1Posted on Mar 13th, 2013 | re: Dad Gets Ryan Gosling To Write A Sweet Note To His Daughter (4 comments)

Well lol that would be a bit awkward seeing as he and I are married!
I know what you’re thinking but before you say anything, answer me this; has Ryan Gosling ever said he’s NOT married to me?

 +20Posted on Mar 5th, 2013 | re: Oh Shut Up, Taylor Swift (82 comments)

Hahaha can you imagine if she really did that?
I’d love it if she really did and was like; “wait, I’ll just go get my friend to talk to you”, left the room then came out in a different hat wearing a mustache and introduced herself as “Maylor Drift” and then the interviewer had to just roll with it.

 +5Posted on Mar 5th, 2013 | re: Let's Take A Quick Helen Mirren Break (28 comments)

I’d make a joke but I don’t wanna be known as the girl who comments on Videogum posts if you know what I mean

 0Posted on Mar 5th, 2013 | re: Mark Wahlberg And Diddy Announce The Release Of Some Water (49 comments)

“I really do not like the majority of waters that are on the market right now”

“discovered the water”

This is really too good I’m crying with laughter into my ordinary tap water right now

 +24Posted on Mar 5th, 2013 | re: Oh Shut Up, Taylor Swift (82 comments)

You said it Gabe.

That entire interview was amazing. Taylor Swift really is crazy.
First she was all ‘nuh, I’m not talking about my love life tee hee, what even is kissing?’ but then she had an APPROVED ‘SOURCE’ (aka her publicist or a sycophantic friend) IN THE SAME INTERVIEW answering all questions about her relationships and dissing her exes for her.
What a weirdo!
Her life in her head is an episode of the The Babysitters Club only not as mature.

We don’t speak of it.

 0Posted on Mar 3rd, 2013 | re: Actual Residents Of Harlem Respond To "Harlem Shake" Meme (66 comments)

I totally agree and I’m glad to see that most of the comments have been smart and ‘get it’.
The only thing I disagree with in Gabe’s post is the part about Diplo not being that bad.
He is; he’s a creepy Gwen Stefani style culture vulture and he fetishises women of color.

“The sad thing is that Jonah is actually superhygienic”

I can’t stop laughing at this!
I’m gonna start talking like that; “Oh Jack got fired from his job of 10 years but the sad thing is his desk was by a window, he had a super nice view”