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Stayin’ Alive: The Story of Hugh Jackman’s Career

 +17Posted on Aug 2nd, 2013 | re: This Is Just A Goodbye Post (241 comments)

Thanks, Gabe. You were great.

 0Posted on Mar 18th, 2013 | re: If You Don't Want To Be "Labeled A Sex Offender," Don't Rape Someone! (132 comments)

Not going to watch the video because I really like my job and don’t want to lose it by shouting expletives at my desk, but just wanted to point out that CNN(.com) did mention the victim. Except it was a few days earlier, with a headline of “Alleged Victim Breaks Down in Court” or something along those lines. It talked about how two days ago (before the sentencing), the victim went on the stand and, understandably, began to cry as she went over her horrendous experiences.
So now, as I’ve come to expect from the 24 hour need for news, they’ve completely disregarded the old news and are focusing on the new news, which is that these two young rapists have been sentenced. Then CNN’s talking heads spoke about it, probably honestly, and people disagreed. Because, yeah, it’s sad that two young guys are going to forever be labeled as something negative, but it’s their own fault for doing something extremely terrible.
So once the talking heads said these insensitive comments (which at least point out that there are consequences, although the recaps I’ve seem to point out that they don’t highlight the most important aspect: Rape Is Bad), the internet latched onto them. I can’t tell you what they’ve said in the past 72 hours, because the blogs I read and my Facebook friends weren’t posting about it.
Maybe when they covered the victim’s break down in court, the talking heads also said stuff like, “it’s incredibly difficult to watch a young girl’s life ruined like that.” Or something along those lines. At least I hope they did. If anyone has all of CNN DVR’d, that would be really helpful in pointing out the news conglomerate’s mistakes.

 +4Posted on Mar 6th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (90 comments)

I originally watched that movie only to get the reference from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, but I sure was glad I saw it.

 +7Posted on Mar 6th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (90 comments)

Pretty OK. Had to work a ten hour day, but was able to go to Toys R Us to look at remote controlled cars and Star Wars toys for upcoming library programs and kill an hour.
And then I helped my manager come up with passive aggressive ways to get back at the building manager for harassing her for asking him to do his job.

Has anyone heard any good jokes lately?

Papa re-he-eally needs a new pair of shoes.

 +8Posted on Jun 27th, 2012 | re: No More Twitter Eulogies, Please (71 comments)

Anything more than “so it goes” is too much.

“Don’t these people realize I’m just a dog?”

 +15Posted on Feb 10th, 2012 | re: Rick Santorum Is An Incredible Asshole, Feb. 10 Edition (58 comments)

I like that the guy to Rick’s right looks like he can feel the arrowed man’s stare.

 +7Posted on Feb 10th, 2012 | re: Rick Santorum Is An Incredible Asshole, Feb. 10 Edition (58 comments)

“If I am elected president, no longer will women defy God’s way by wearing pants.”

 +4Posted on Feb 8th, 2012 | re: The Rock Will Be President Someday, Says The Rock (45 comments)

Even The “I Can’t Think Of A Pun Right Now” Rock?

 +1Posted on Jan 30th, 2012 | re: A Brief Note On The Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Commercial (90 comments)

Uh…Matthew “I Killed a Guy With a Car 20-some Years Ago (and Tried to Help the Family With Closure 16 Years After, but Still Killed a Guy and Was Fined Only $175)” Broderick in a car commercial?

I don’t know, you guys.

 0Posted on Jan 30th, 2012 | re: Mitt Romney Secures Powerful Gene Simmons Endorsement (15 comments)

Gene’s just getting ready to trademark some sort of Mitt Romney/KISS product, that’s all.

 +8Posted on Jan 26th, 2012 | re: Guitar Player Accidentally Does The Coolest Thing (20 comments)

“If I was on that stage with my kids, it wouldn’t have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of music in that first-class venue and then me saying, ‘OK, we’re going to place this guitar somewhere safely, don’t worry.’”

 +1Posted on Jan 24th, 2012 | re: Newt Gingrich Scores Powerful Chuck Norris Endorsement (14 comments)

Chuck Norris is so Chuck Norris that even Chuck Norris gets the Chuck Norris when Chuck Norris shows his Chuck Norris.

Mistrial waiting to happen.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping this is just a still of him playing two different characters on the upcoming series of Doctor Who.

 +1Posted on Jan 19th, 2012 | re: Top Chef S09E10: Charlize Theron (27 comments)

Mr. Chef

 +5Posted on Jan 19th, 2012 | re: Here Are Some Afternoon Links! (7 comments)

So in this Sex and the City prequel, I’m assuming the three will be teens and then Kim Cattrall’s character will be the cool stepmom, right?

 0Posted on Jan 17th, 2012 | re: You Aren't Going To Find Out How'd He Met The Mother For A While (51 comments)

SPOILER ALERT: Marshall dies (very, very sad) and then Ted marries WillowLily and raises their kids. The last moment of the series turns the camera from the kids to Bob Saget where he says, “I’m not your father.”

 0Posted on Jan 17th, 2012 | re: How Should The Twilight Franchise Continue After The Final Movie? (36 comments)

This was supposed to be an image of the title card from Joanie Loves Chachi, but both of the names crossed out and filled with Bella and Edward. Unfortunately, I have failed yet again to post a picture here. Whoops.

Why don’t we have any forks?

 0Posted on Jan 17th, 2012 | re: How Should The Twilight Franchise Continue After The Final Movie? (36 comments)

 +6Posted on Jan 17th, 2012 | re: Oh My God Do Not Watch This Spider Video (71 comments)

 0Posted on Oct 27th, 2011 | re: Let Me Help: Planned Harry Potter DVD And Blu-Ray Shortage (37 comments)

True story: Warner Bros. is also not releasing the newest Harry Potter DVD/Blu-ray to libraries/rental services until a month after the retail release date. Not that it’s that shocking since their goal is to make money, but still a shame.
Oh, and Harry Potter isn’t the only one. I can’t remember the rest of the new releases on the list, but Harry Potter was what the librarians I know were so upset about, what with it being based on a book and all.