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 +22Posted on Feb 8th | re: Heaven Just Got A Little More Videogum (278 comments)

 +6Posted on Feb 7th | re: Benedict Cumberbatch Has Finally Gone Too Far (15 comments)

That’s a pretty weird stance. Feel like he should have a cape.

 +8Posted on Feb 7th | re: David Blaine: Electrified: One Million Questions Always What? (55 comments)

 +9Posted on Feb 6th | re: How Is Everyone's Day Today? (146 comments)

Pushing big time for “Carl” if boy or girl.

 +10Posted on Feb 6th | re: How Is Everyone's Day Today? (146 comments)

Thanks Flanny! And also thanks my favorite impromptu Labyrinth reenactment.

 +38Posted on Feb 6th | re: How Is Everyone's Day Today? (146 comments)

Not great, Bob. Never had a favorite site die before (my parents favorite sites passed away before I was born, also knew some friends’ favorite sites that have closed) but this one is mine and I’m going to miss you all. Not sure what I’m going to do, I don’t really like the layout of But in other things, my wife’s pregnant with our second child! I don’t like the idea of raising kids in a world without Videogum but I plan to instill all it’s virtues (farts, dont trust them). I had chicken nuggets for lunch.

 +17Posted on Feb 6th | re: The World Keeps On Turning, George Clooney Keeps On Pranking (49 comments)

No hyperlink to Videogum is no longer accepting tips. :(

 +24Posted on Feb 4th | re: Double Dog: The Today Show Challenge (39 comments)

2014 or 2008, doesn’t matter, that cheeseburger defense still holds up.

 +18Posted on Feb 4th | re: Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace? (53 comments)

Poor guys lead up tweet got four times the RTs as the actual announcement. Wah wahhhh cerealprize.

 +28Posted on Feb 3rd | re: Hey Guys, We Have To Talk To You About Something (353 comments)


 +11Posted on Feb 3rd | re: Saturday Night Live: Melissa McCarthy and Imagine Dragons (11 comments)

I didn’t imagine that song drag(ging) on. Radioactive, indeed. Stay away from this band.

 +10Posted on Jan 29th | re: Fedora Tricks And Parkour (27 comments)

We really are learning espanol with Batman.

 +7Posted on Jan 28th | re: George Clooney On The Best Prank He's Ever Been Pranked (12 comments)

I’ve always figured the celebs dictate these AMAs to their assistants. From the deck of a boat. In the sky….

 +18Posted on Jan 28th | re: Deer Fart (22 comments)

I will use one of your deer fart views for you, if you’re not going to use it.

 +15Posted on Jan 23rd | re: Here Are Some Afternoon Links! (19 comments)

Here’s a sneak peak of my comment on the idea of a book having a trailer: “Hmmm, pretty dumb…”

 +20Posted on Jan 23rd | re: Coke And Lava: A Love Story (24 comments)

I lava u coke. u magma heart swell. (you have to imagine lava talks like super mario for this to work).

 +12Posted on Jan 22nd | re: Updating Tyra Banks's Life-Size Sequel For 2014! (23 comments)

A Disney Joint

 +7Posted on Jan 22nd | re: I'm Going To Need You To Sit Down For This Robert Pattinson News (17 comments)

This is a garbage planet.

 +9Posted on Jan 21st | re: SHERLOCK IS BACK! (55 comments)

Oh man, that would have been the best line in the episode. Come on, USA.

 +6Posted on Jan 21st | re: SHERLOCK IS BACK! (55 comments)

We need to reach a consensus on where the meat is.

 +2Posted on Jan 21st | re: SHERLOCK IS BACK! (55 comments)

Got a little lost in that meat metaphor. It was good. Someone wrote that it felt more like an epilogue/prologue than an episode which is true, but it was still meat cooked well done with weird sides.

 +9Posted on Jan 16th | re: Unknown Woman Featured On Mystery Movie Poster (18 comments)

 +10Posted on Jan 15th | re: No, Devil Baby Prank (23 comments)

That’s a good prank.

My fantasy team? Pretty good. Had to cut Jonathan Stewart last week. And that wasn’t the only Jon who got cut. Ya, that’s right. Jon & Kate. Vasectomy.