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 +6Posted on Sep 16th, 2013 | re: Breaking Bad S05E14: "REALLY? REALLY?! TRY TO BREATHE?!" (244 comments)

I agree with this – I think basically everyone is a goner.

I kind of don’t get at all the theories that include Walt coming back to rescue Jesse. He handed Jesse over to Todd and the Aryans, because he’s his scapegoat – Walt has needed someone to blame for all the evil things he’s done since day one. It’d be kind of a stretch for him to have a massive change of heart on that.

 +2Posted on Jun 27th, 2013 | re: Who Do You Think Won't Be In Mean Moms? (34 comments)

I love Mean Girls too, but I don’t have any good feelings about this movie.

I think we’re looking at a solid I Don’t Know How She Does It Part Deux, and that ain’t good for anybody. Except SJP, who will probably star in Mean Moms.

 +6Posted on Dec 10th, 2012 | re: This Is Just A Good Cover Of Katy Perry's "Fireworks" By Yoko Ono (36 comments)

this is just about how katy perry ACTUALLY sounds, to me

Alien Invasion at Bayside! Court side!

 0Posted on Nov 13th, 2012 | re: Barack Obama Re-Elected President Of The United States (83 comments)



 +2Posted on Oct 19th, 2012 | re: Thursday Night TV Open Thread (60 comments)

Ben’s Hair is my favorite character so far this season.

 +2Posted on Oct 19th, 2012 | re: Thursday Night TV Open Thread (60 comments)

WOAH this comment brought back a memory I had totally forgotten about – my first experience with the Internet. Fifth grade, school library, my entire English class gathered around a Gateway computer, listening to our ancient teacher try to explain exactly what “Yahoo” was.

 +3Posted on Sep 27th, 2012 | re: No More Questions From Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Please! (69 comments)

^^^^This NAILS it.

I’m not *fine* with the View at all, really, but when Hasselbeck – or any of the other hosts – try to pretend they are hard-hitting journalists, I think it’s just RESPONSIBLE to call their total lack of credentials and/or credibility out. Journalism, however marginalized it is and continues to be in our country, is in fact, a legitimate profession and area of expertise. It’s a thing you have to actually LEARN HOW TO DO.

If Hasselbeck wanted to take a crack at removing Whoopi’s tonsils, I think we would all agree that that would be a bad idea. There are doctors who spend their lives learning how to perform surgery – just like ther are journalists who spend years learning how to ask Presidents of the United States questions.

Also, I don’t think the comparison to Jon STewart holds up – his focus is almost entirely on providing satirical (and lately, not satirical at all, just serious and terrifying but somehow still funny) commentary. If Hasselback wants to be another red-faced screaming tea party head, I’d be much more ok with that than with her trying to really “grill” the President. We all know how to rant, we do not all know how to be a journalist.

 0Posted on Sep 24th, 2012 | re: What Is A Movie That You Want To Rewatch That We Should All Rewatch? (233 comments)

this comment reminds of a very rewatchable movie: Home for the Holidays. RDJ!

 +3Posted on Sep 12th, 2012 | re: A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: Suri's Burn Book (65 comments)

This just fucking stinks and makes me want to apologize to my two year old daughter for making her exist.

I’m sorry, Charlotte. I’m working on getting us that farm in the middle of nowhere where they won’t be able to find us.

 +16Posted on Sep 5th, 2012 | re: Think Toilets Are Gross? Put One In Your Pocket! (42 comments)

this is how it starts, i’m telling you

This has to go to end up being some kind of marketing campaign. If they want us to believe them, they’ve got to add at least one chubby friend to their group. I’m not trying to be clever, I’m just giving them legitimate advice on how to make this campaign seem authentic.

Old School’s #11, presumably?

 +5Posted on Aug 2nd, 2012 | re: Oh, Actually, Boycott Chick-Fil-A (184 comments)

what i’m saying is that, if i loved eating at chick-fil-a, the only thing worse than chick-fil-a donating millions of dollars to family research council is that i’m only finding out about it now.

 +4Posted on Aug 2nd, 2012 | re: Oh, Actually, Boycott Chick-Fil-A (184 comments)

i don’t think we’re fucked! i think we just need more transparency in the political donations and activities of corporations!

let’s say i was a lifelong chick-fil-a patron, giving them thousands of dollars over my lifetime – i have a social conscience and thus would feel betrayed/guilty and generally shitty that i unwittingly supported really terrible, hateful groups that lobby my government for really terrible, hateful policies.

but imagine we actually had LAWS that made it impossible for corporations to hide their political activities! imagine if when you went to buy a chicken sandwich/pair of sneakers/computer/etc. you were already fully INFORMED about where that company stood on critical issues – and even better, imagine if corporations were BANNED from using their significant assets to influence policy decisions.

with the system the way it is, it’s not likely that the last scenarios is happening anytime soon, but it should not be out of the question for consumers/voters (they’re called DOLLAR VOTES) to have easy, constant access to the political donations of the corporations they are considering giving their money to.

 +11Posted on Aug 2nd, 2012 | re: Oh, Actually, Boycott Chick-Fil-A (184 comments)

The only group of people it’s more widely acceptable to hate than homosexuals is Spanish-speaking immigrants. I live on Long Island, and most of my friends are self-identified leftists, but man, get them going on MEXICANS (most of the immigrants living in my community are from Ecuador and El Salvador, but same difference, amirite?) and they’ll show some good old-fashioned unadulterated HATE. It’s really quite terrifying.

 +2Posted on Aug 2nd, 2012 | re: Oh, Actually, Boycott Chick-Fil-A (184 comments)

cash registers, not cashiers. whoops.

 +15Posted on Aug 2nd, 2012 | re: Oh, Actually, Boycott Chick-Fil-A (184 comments)

Saying “don’t boycott Chick-Fil-A because it hurts the regular guys working the cashiers,” is kind of a bad argument.

The employees don’t have a say in corporate policy, but I don’t think it’s the collective responsibility of consumers to make up for that. I mean, I also don’t patronize at Wal-Mart, and the WHOLE PROBLEM there is that the employees don’t dictate how the stores are run. I get that it’s not the “little guy’s” fault that Chick-Fil-A is run by a hateful Executive and donates millions of dollars to homophobic lobbying groups, but it’s not my fault either! And I’m not responsible for the little guy, their CEO however, is.

 +1Posted on Jul 26th, 2012 | re: Best New Party Game 69: Heatwave Movies (65 comments)

Take Shelter

 0Posted on Jul 25th, 2012 | re: Breaking Bad S05E02: Walt Is Very Frustrating (83 comments)

also, at the jesse-mike-walt pow-wow in the kitchen, walt said one of the things mike would be responsible for, if he joined up in their new operation would be “pre-cursors,” which would mean necessary start-up supplies.

stands up to reason that mike would’ve been responsible for gathering those materials in the past, and that he know, at this point in his meth-lab-enabler career, what’s entailed in making meth (namely METHylamine) and that he would know, when the superlab went down – so did all that precious methylamine.

 +20Posted on Jul 25th, 2012 | re: "Breakfast Guy Doesn't Give A Shit About The Olympics" (35 comments)

Breakfast Guy also doesn’t give a shit about learning how to hold a spoon, apparently.

 +2Posted on Jun 26th, 2012 | re: The Curse Of Being Very Good (107 comments)

Look, maybe it’s just because I’m the middle child in a trio of dysfunctional siblings – but I LOVED Darjeeling Limited. And I’ll own up, I love the quirk, I love the pretty scenery – I’m pretty much ok with highly stylized directors just so long as I like the style.

I have a pretty serious love affair with Wes Anderson movies – it’s derived from basically inadvertently seeing Royal Tenenbaums as a nerdy high school senior, and feeling like, WHOA, this is really different and cool, and makes sense to me.

And while I agree that it would be interesting to see Anderson try a different kind of story, I go to see his films specifically to enjoy the way he makes films, so I’m never disappointed by seeing a neat looking jaguar shark or a throwback luxury train.

I can’t rank Moonrise Kingdom yet, because I’ve only seen it once and very recently at that, so it hasn’t passed the statute of limitations for Movie Ranking yet.

So since everyone’s DYING to know:

1. The Royal Tenenbaums
2. The Darjeeling Limited
3. Fantastic Mr. Fox
4. Rushmore
5. The Life Aquatic
6. Bottle Rocket

 +9Posted on May 21st, 2012 | re: Mad Men: Oh Right, Advertising (59 comments)

it was great to see drunk, kind of mean don again! the worse don’s life choices become, the more i will enjoy this season.

 +6Posted on Nov 15th, 2011 | re: Community's Mid-Season Hold OR: Occupy Wall Street Evacuated (162 comments)

Starbucks is not a responsible corporation! They’re pretty bad!

Maybe I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to this issue, definitely when it comes to coffee, but they purchase their beans, from farms that openly use exploitative labor practices, and they have refused to purchase milk without GMOs, AND…and I’m pro-labor, so this is a bit of sticking point for me: