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 +6Posted on Mar 20th, 2012 | re: Ashton Kutcher Is Going To Space, Uh Doy (24 comments)

Maybe they just “accidentally” jettison him when they get into space orbit? I can’t think of anyone who better defines “space debris.”

 -2Posted on Mar 14th, 2012 | re: And The Academy Award For Best Goes To...This Baby! (18 comments)

thank you

Courtney and Kim Novak are an item?

 0Posted on Mar 13th, 2012 | re: Hey, Did You Guys Watch Game Change? (40 comments)

I can’t watch the movie, because I’m too bothered by the fact that Julianne Moore looks like she is making a funny pelican face when she imitates Palin. C’mon, you know the funny cartoon pelican I’m talking about, right?
Uhm could someone lend me a gif?

 0Posted on Mar 13th, 2012 | re: Super Hero Disco Dance Party (30 comments)

Is anyone else kinda bothered by the prepubescent girls in pigtiails and tight sparkly clothes who seem ecstatic at the prospect of getting down with Superman? When i first looked at it, I thought it was going to be segue into weird soft porn…. although the SuperHeroes were indeed their own kind of porn

So just last night I was on a flight from the West Coast, and I looked up to discover The Artist was the feature movie!
And I didn’t have headphones!
And I realized, it didn’t matter because it is supposed to be a SILENT FILM!
So I completely missed hearing the score and feeling raped???!!!!

why doesn’t it identified as video of the young Mitt Romney ? His off camera mommy is smiling at him with a very very wide smile, warning him, without moving her lips, that some very very bad things will happen if he doesn’t get the poem right?

 +5Posted on Feb 16th, 2012 | re: Do The Bartman, LADIEESSSS! (24 comments)

Because you meant Christain D’ouh

 0Posted on Feb 10th, 2012 | re: Hey, What's Up With The "Charlie Bit My Finger" Kids? (25 comments)

? Half of the views came from Videogum links.

 +1Posted on Feb 10th, 2012 | re: Hey, What's Up With The "Charlie Bit My Finger" Kids? (25 comments)

you watched the PBS show on Nazi hunters last night too?

some actress, some where is quietly whimpering to herself. “Oh my God. And I fucked BOTH these guys?”

 +6Posted on Feb 8th, 2012 | re: Ladies, It's Time To Stop Having Men For Every Life Meal (64 comments)

I agree. Until I started drinking a fifth of vodka a day, and running around with all my best friend’s husbands, I was really, really down.

 0Posted on Feb 7th, 2012 | re: Hey Brad Pitt, Is Angelina Jolie Still A Bad Girl? (45 comments)

And they have a LOT to erase

 0Posted on Feb 7th, 2012 | re: A Valentine's Day Treat: Robot Pigs For Virtual Kissing (25 comments)

If you’re old enough to remember this on Ed Sullivan, I can only say si, senor

 +7Posted on Jan 24th, 2012 | re: The State Of The Union Drinking Game (38 comments)

That smell of burnt dreams lingering here tells me that you are, in fact, a hopeless believer in democracy and America, even though reality has proved you wrong at every turn.

 0Posted on Jan 9th, 2012 | re: The Lamps Of Downton Abbey (15 comments)

jeb is right. O’Brien is an evil little ratfucker. She would have been very very happy working for Nixon

 +5Posted on Oct 18th, 2011 | re: So, McDonald's TV Is A Real Thing (43 comments)

Everyone Loves Ronald

 +3Posted on Oct 18th, 2011 | re: Like Mah Status (18 comments)

You know posting this kind of video has consequences. Now I’m not going to get any work done. I won’t get paid for the project. The kids will starve. My wife will leave me. And still that voice screaming “Like MAH STATUS” will be echoing in my ears

 +2Posted on Oct 18th, 2011 | re: Like Mah Status (18 comments)

Damn it. I had just shuffled into my office in my bunny slippers ready to get some serious work done. I took one minute, just ONE minute to see what Gabe was recommending before I got down to some SERIOUS work. Now I’m all agitated. Shuffling around the house Trying to remember where I hid the Twinkies so I can have one with my FRENCH PRESS coffee…. before I get down to SOME SERIOUS WORK

Demi Moore is laughing

 0Posted on Oct 5th, 2011 | re: Who Should Be The Voice Of Mr. Ed In The Mr. Ed Movie? (46 comments)

But would you settled for Alan Rickman