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 +7Posted on Jan 22nd, 2014 | re: Updating Tyra Banks's Life-Size Sequel For 2014! (23 comments)

Is it going to be how Life Size doll’s skewed priorities broke baby Lohan? Like Ted, but for a female audience? Now they have to navigate the kooky grownup world. I really want to see how the heck Life Size figured out how to survive in the world. Or did Life Size go back to doll size?

 +4Posted on Jan 16th, 2014 | re: Wait, We're Talking About Kate Gosselin Now?! (42 comments)

WAIT WHAT IS THIS. What did Jinger do? Why are we freeing her? There are thousands of posts on this forum???

 +8Posted on Jan 16th, 2014 | re: Unknown Woman Featured On Mystery Movie Poster (18 comments)

She looks like Kate Gosselin. Topical!

 +6Posted on Jan 16th, 2014 | re: Wait, We're Talking About Kate Gosselin Now?! (42 comments)

I’M SO UNCOMFORTABLE. At first the girls looked like they were making a stand and not being their mom’s puppets but then at the end. Oh my god. Twin1 kept prompting Twin2 to say her lines. And Twin2 wouldn’t do it. Oh my god. Also those classic reality show lies about “My wonderful children that i love often say mommy why do they lie so frequently about us? And it has taught them much about the media. And we would very much enjoy being on television so that I can teach my precious little moneybags more about the media.”

What i REALLy wanna see is when some of the Duggar kids start breaking out of the family clan. That’s gonna be a wild ride.

 +1Posted on Jan 16th, 2014 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (79 comments)

Our study is trying to find genetic markers for sudden cardiac death. So whenever someone in our study dies we have to get the next of kin to do a questionnaire and try to get the death records. Most death calls aren’t THAT bad, it’s just a hassle to get a hold of people and try to figure out whether they’re avoiding me or if they’ll actually talk to me if i call later. But the few times we do get a sudden cardiac death it’s horrible. They always cry.

 +2Posted on Jan 16th, 2014 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (79 comments)

Good: I finally decided to spend my procrastination time on Videogum! It’s been sooooo long!!

Bad: Our visiting doctor seems fixed on doubling our workload. He keeps coming up with ridiculous theories that require us to re-open cases that we closed YEARS ago. He thinks that it’s possible participants who report cardiac arrests might have had them while on vacation and then never mentioned it to their regular doctors so we need to get more records. One doctor’s office summed it up nicely: “I understand you would like records, but how can we provide proof that something didn’t happen.” Oh and we just realized we are months behind on death calls…so next week i probably have to make at least 20 death calls. Which is as terrible as it sounds.

I need some videos ‘n laughs ‘n great comments to light up my life again.

 +1Posted on Dec 24th, 2013 | re: BeyoncĂ© Shopping, Being So Great, And Doing Something Nice (14 comments)

Don’t really give an f about Beyonce or her beef with Target but more importantly it is funny to me that Beyonce went to Tewksbury! Haha!

 +1Posted on Aug 8th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (134 comments)

That sounds real dreamy except someone ALWAYS gets ferociously sea sick on whale watching tours

 +11Posted on Aug 7th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (134 comments)

it’s ok i’ve been with my dude for 3 years and last night was the first time i’ve farted in front of him. shark week was showing some BRUTAL footage of sharks biting people and then a shark bit someone in the face. so i’ve finally torn down that wall.

 +9Posted on Aug 7th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (134 comments)

The opposite of smizing is frowning with your eyes which is frizing and that’s the best cuz i promise all you want is some fries when you’re frowning

 +6Posted on Aug 7th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (134 comments)

I don’t know if it’s really awesome or depressing that the coolest thing about your day right now is some dude sitting in the same room as you wearing a mullet wig. I choose to believe it’s radical. Because the rest of that. Shhhoooooooooot that sucks so bad. I hope your Banh Mi is excellent.

 +10Posted on Aug 7th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (134 comments)

Like a bag full of poop and whoopie pies. You really don’t know which one you’re going to get when you reach in.

 +12Posted on Aug 7th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (134 comments)

WELL. It’s my late night and it’s my first time back on Videogum in aaaaaaaaaaages. I just made an old man cry recounting the death of his beloved wife. I just pissed off a guy asking him to tell me about his mom’s death. Our data manager is still a stupid b word and we’re doing her job for her on top of ONE THOUSAND calls, hundreds of letters we need to write, and about a hundred physicians’ and a hundred nurses’ next-of-kin we need to call. And now i’m sitting at my desk trying to remind myself of anything good in this world. But our programmer yelled at my boss today which was kind of funny? And our PI told us we can have flexible schedules back so we can stay late to get calls done. So um. Mixed bag. A real messy mixed bag.

 +3Posted on Jun 7th, 2013 | re: Are You Doing Anything Special For The Purge This Year?! (81 comments)

I just finished jamming medical documents into an overstuffed filing cabinet. I would burn documents that I deem stupid and then leave them in their respective filing cabinets, so after the Purge, when people come back to work, it’s all gone.

I know a hospital I used to work at keeps all their files for 200 years so I would go there and work on erasing things I didn’t exactly like. Steal some documents as well because psych notes are really fun to read. That was one of the hardest things about quitting…nothing else has been as interesting as those notes.

And then I found find the guy that lives in my neighborhood who walks his cat and I would steal his cat.

 +8Posted on Jun 7th, 2013 | re: Are You Doing Anything Special For The Purge This Year?! (81 comments)

Oh mannn i saw these creepy Lesley students nasty dancing at the Scooperbowl yesterday. I really hate art students, especially when they go to a school that has NO street cred in their major. Good luck with that dance therapy degree, idiots.

 +1Posted on Jun 6th, 2013 | re: The Only Way The Robots Can Win Is By Fucking CHEATING! (16 comments)

Talking about how stupid Brian is reminds me of this old video:
It represents all the great stuff about being a human. Robots can’t start a band centered around pretending to be German. They just can’t.

 +6Posted on May 22nd, 2013 | re: The Petting Zoo: The Week's Top 10 Animal Videos (10 comments)

I’M SO EXCITED FOR ANIMAL VIDEOS! The database we use to contact participants is down for my last hour at work so it’s time to file and watch animals be cute. Thank you Kelly!

 +5Posted on May 22nd, 2013 | re: Sounds Like Joe Francis Is Doing Great (63 comments)

1) I hope the depression is short-lived. I just moved and had a meltdown in the middle of it, but then all of a sudden I was ok. And I HATE change and new situations so that is a concrete reminder that even if the world is dog shit, and you have to eat so many pills just to stay ok, I guess there’s not a whole lot to do but find something tolerable.

4) The weather in Boston is confusing and shitty!

5) That is true on many levels. Zebras are almost impossible to tame, just like the most fashionable people.

My non-Joe Francis gripe for the day is stupid participants who make me be an asshole and beg them to stay in the study. I just really don’t want to deal with my boss making me feel guilty about drop-outs. ALSO research coordinators who recruit people who can barely speak English! There’s no way they are fully hearing you out and can be informed enough to consent to any study!

 +7Posted on May 10th, 2013 | re: Disney FINALLY Makes The Brave Princess More Beautiful (83 comments)

Too many carrots make me feel sick. However, i have mastered carving faces into baby carrots using my fingernails. That’s the only upside of carrots.

I AM a chick into vegetables, though. I feel like most people eat vegetables begrudgingly but you guys, come on. It is a delicious crunchy snack that nature makes for free in your back yard. Yeah, chicks eating JUST CARROTS for lunch is so stupid it hurts. But if you have your cucumber to eat like a candy bar, a buttload of grapes, then some green beans, some cheese, tomatoes, then you eat some cookies – perfect lunch. I never outgrew my brown bag lunch.

 +5Posted on May 9th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (126 comments)

i can’t stop watching this

 +9Posted on May 8th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (126 comments)

It hit me today that I miss my old job. Not the pay or the constant threat of physical violence or the weird schedule, but all of my coworkers actually cared about the patients and were really smart and funny. Even the laziest, most obnoxious person was dedicated to the role they’d carved out for themselves. But the two other research assistants I primarily work with are so lazy. They whine about our really nice boss getting stressed out and asking us to do things, which is just stupid. You’re getting paid to be a doctor’s bitch, that’s what being a research assistant is all about.

And then i my morning commuter rail train just plain didn’t show up which just oh my god i cannot wait to move. BUT I got a bunch of work done! And I ate a carton of strawberries for lunch, they were all perfectly ripe, too! And Videogum posts keep me from crawling under my desk so i have that to be thankful for. That is how my day was.

 +13Posted on May 8th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (126 comments)

This is gonna be your little niece or nephew

 0Posted on May 8th, 2013 | re: BREAKING: "Jennifer Garner Walks Past Tobey Maguire Without Noticing" (28 comments)

Nothing weird just testing if i know how to post images without nobody noticing how weird this is.

 +3Posted on Apr 26th, 2013 | re: 14 Minutes Of Bad Parallel Parking (17 comments)

I was really worried I wouldn’t have anything to do for the last fifteen minutes of work. This is actually really engaging, i’m pretty invested in this parking business.

 +11Posted on Apr 26th, 2013 | re: Leonardo DiCaprio Is Already Out There Enjoying His Weekend (20 comments)

Today is the longest, most boring day ever. I drew lizards and ate cereal for most of the morning. I just spent 30 minutes walking around CVS to kill time until I can punch out in the office. I bought vitamins for my hair, skin and nails!