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 +6Posted on Jan 23rd, 2014 | re: Coke And Lava: A Love Story (24 comments)

boy, it’s so hot here, i would lava coke right now!

 +3Posted on Jan 6th, 2014 | re: Idris Elba Has A Question (18 comments)

 +1Posted on Dec 19th, 2013 | re: How Was Everyone's Day Today? (90 comments)

there’s a duck vagina joke here somewhere.

 0Posted on Jan 23rd, 2013 | re: Cumberbatch Continues Transparent Attack On Female Hearts (31 comments)

please, that’s a Robin Williams joke. just stop it, Cumberbatch! no one likes you!

 0Posted on Dec 12th, 2012 | re: What The Fuck, Matt Lauer? (118 comments)

 +1Posted on Dec 12th, 2012 | re: "The Stanley Steamer Variations" Is A Brief Vision Of Hell (43 comments)

I liked it.

 0Posted on Nov 6th, 2012 | re: Writing In Your Blog Vote For TV President (67 comments)

mayor Mayor for president president!

 +2Posted on Oct 1st, 2012 | re: Seth MacFarlane To Host 85th Annual Academy Awards (51 comments)

i think it’ll be alright. just as long as he doesnt sing or do any funny voices.

 0Posted on Aug 1st, 2012 | re: Here Are Some Afternoon Links! (24 comments)

Fred Willard can always go back to his old job as Mitt Romney’s dad.

 0Posted on Jul 20th, 2012 | re: Best New Party Game 68: Name Your Vagina After A Movie (233 comments)


 0Posted on Jul 20th, 2012 | re: Best New Party Game 68: Name Your Vagina After A Movie (233 comments)

The Room
A Fish Called Wanda
Tiger Lily
Planet Terror

 +1Posted on Jul 19th, 2012 | re: Top 10 Asshole Boyfriends In Movies (89 comments)

what about Dil from “The Crying Game”? because, seriously.

 +13Posted on Apr 2nd, 2012 | re: Salma Hayek Had Acne Once IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT (23 comments)

Acne can in fact cause depression. so its possible she’s actually telling the truth.

 +15Posted on Feb 21st, 2012 | re: Christina Hendricks Is The Conductor Of The "I Was Bullied" Train (52 comments)

In my experience, a high school girl with her body type will take a lot of crap because of it. a lot. even more if she’s a goth. so yeah, this sounds very believable to me.

 +1Posted on Nov 16th, 2011 | re: This Is Just A Ryan Gosling Pancake (24 comments)

And where is the Ryan Gosling pizza? that you can get in a pizzeria? that is run by a jew?

 +4Posted on Oct 17th, 2011 | re: What's The Deal With The Upcoming Twilight Zone Movie? (20 comments)

sad thing is, after this, we will never get that “the scary door” movie.

 +4Posted on Aug 17th, 2011 | re: This Tom Waits/Cookie Monster Mashup Is Just Completely Correct (22 comments)

chocolate chip jesus
the piano has been drinking milk

 +2Posted on Aug 16th, 2011 | re: Bradley Cooper Will NOT Be In The Crow Remake (17 comments)

well, there’s Russel Crow, Cameron Crow, Gregory Peck, Crow Diddley, Hume Crownyn…

 +7Posted on Aug 3rd, 2011 | re: Mila Kunis Is OUR Generation's Bradley Cooper (66 comments)

heard it was pretty rough. she didnt take it well. borscht into tears and everything.

 +1Posted on Apr 4th, 2011 | re: That's Your Girlfriend: Felice Cohen (87 comments)

 0Posted on Apr 4th, 2011 | re: That's Your Girlfriend: Felice Cohen (87 comments)

pff. luxury.

 +8Posted on Mar 22nd, 2011 | re: Wait, NBC Is Bringing The Marriage Ref Back?! (86 comments)

oh, no doubt.

 +3Posted on Mar 8th, 2011 | re: The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: The Bucket List (138 comments)

I would like to nominate 100 Girls for The Hunt. This movie is pure misogyny. downright insulting.

 +2Posted on Jun 2nd, 2010 | re: "Who Are Your Seven Evil Exes?" -- Some Other Blog (71 comments)

they’re called manic pixie girls, or something, right?
yeah, i don’t don’t really care for those.