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 0Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 | re: The Legendary Jeremy Piven/Chris Kattan Feud Of 2009 (50 comments)

How can this comment be down-voted when it’s clearly science fact?

 +7Posted on Mar 3rd, 2009 | re: Which Of These Stupid iPod Cases Is The Most Infuriating? (137 comments)

 +8Posted on Feb 24th, 2009 | re: Bears Beg For Food By Waving And Shouting!? (24 comments)

Had I the inclination, I would’ve made a graph representing the decline of human intelligence and the assent of bears’ over the passage of time. In the not too distant future, where the lines crossed, there would be an asterisk with a footnote that read: point in time when the aliens descend to earth, strike a bargain with the bears, and the humans stop laughing.

 -3Posted on Feb 18th, 2009 | re: SNL Hates Bloggers. (54 comments)

(HOWEVER, ALL OF THAT SAID, Michaela Watkins’s portrayal is completely accurate if you change “blogger” to “YouTube commenter”.)

Or if she had delivered it via IMversation.

 +3Posted on Jan 20th, 2009 | re: The Celebrities Are Trying To Tell Us To Change The World (17 comments)

Anyone care to guess the carbon footprint associated with the making of this self-serving montage?

 0Posted on Jan 16th, 2009 | re: Watch Friday Night Lights Tonight, For Arrested Development's Sake (14 comments)

SNF, Dolf.

 +1Posted on Dec 22nd, 2008 | re: It's The Girls' Nite, The Girls' Nite Out (10 comments)

Apart from the denim vest, I like how with the sweep of her meaty arm, a herd of cattle can provide clout.

 0Posted on Nov 20th, 2008 | re: Surprise! The Today Show Has Twilight Fever (18 comments)

Definitely trying to fired, but remember what happened to Vinnie Chase when he bailed on Aquaman 2? Just sayin.

 0Posted on Sep 26th, 2008 | re: The Office: Kelly Kapor's Master Cleanse (3 comments)

The master cleanse is not THAT bad. Until day 3, when your eyesight starts to fail and your body starts to eat itself from the inside out.


 0Posted on Aug 28th, 2008 | re: This Youth Pastor Is Your Boyfriend (10 comments)

…on ‘roids.

 0Posted on Aug 28th, 2008 | re: This Youth Pastor Is Your Boyfriend (10 comments)

For a split second, I thought this was a scene from Saved by the Bell.

 +1Posted on Aug 27th, 2008 | re: The Social Networking Website Movies That Never Were (4 comments)

no love for Makeoutclub and aSmallWorld?

 +1Posted on Aug 12th, 2008 | re: Yikes: How To Be Like Serena Van Der Woodsen From Gossip Girl (9 comments)

How very Serena Van Der Woodsen of you.

 0Posted on Jul 29th, 2008 | re: Siskel And Ebert's 1995 Showgirls Review (1 comments)

“All About Eve in a g-string.” Best.

 0Posted on Jul 14th, 2008 | re: Is This What The WE Channel Thinks Is Porn? (1 comments)

:32 preroll for :39 video. That’s ballsy.

 0Posted on Jul 3rd, 2008 | re: You Can Make It Up: White Hancock (3 comments)

Please don’t discount your potential. That sounds amazing.

 0Posted on Jul 3rd, 2008 | re: Diddy Provides The First Positive Review Of Hancock (12 comments)

Look: it’s two-thousand and mother fucking eight, ok? Things are changing.

 0Posted on Apr 11th, 2008 | re: Everything You Like To Watch Except Porn (23 comments)

It’s true – they keep the editors behind an electrified fence…far, far out of my reach.

I’m shocked and chagrined.