Honestly, I think there are more days than many of us would like to admit where we understand exactly how this 3-year-old girl is feeling.

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  1. I know the feeling, Cody. This is pretty much how I felt about the fact that Gabe hadn’t posted anything new on Justin since January 12!

  2. “I’m crying because I love him, and I know, deep down, he loves me back.” –my adult friend to me this past weekend

  3. i love that instead of calming her down, they pulled out the video camera and posted it to youtube. oh the internets. what once would have made a funny anecdote that no one wants to hear about your kid is now a youtube sensation.

    • Well, it seems the little girl requested to be filmed. The mom was all like “no more times” and the girl was all like “no, still film times.”

  4. I think what she is really crying about is the fact that her mother named her daughters Cody and Cheyenne

  5. I cried for 3 days straight when I found out Night Court wasn’t real so, I get it.

  6. “I bet that’s Justin Bieber”. I’m going to say that every time the phone rings for the rest of my life.

  7. This is the stuff that makes me hate youtube. People that think their children are the same as cute dogs or cats jumping into boxes and deserve to be on youtube. Also youtube is forever(2012) so she will need years of socialized therapy that Obama will eventually force upon her and everyone just like her.

  8. And another tot succumbs to “Bieber Fever.”

  9. I feel so out of touch! (I had to google this Justin Bieber you kids are raving about). Now I am crying because I am old… hurry, someone film this!!!

  10. I wonder if Justin Biebers Swagger Coach will show him this to pump him up.

  11. Lady, I don’t think the issue here is that your three-year-old daughter is crying “over a boy.” At least she has the sense to stay away from something that makes her frighteningly sad.

  12. I think the little English girl crying about Tony Blair wins.

  13. I didn’t know who Justin Beiber is until now, but I do believe that deep down, he loves this little girl right back. For sure. She just knows it!

  14. Is it weird that I find this super sweet? Too bad a love this strong is reserved for celebrities. Fifteen year old, Canadian celebrities. Really narrows it down.

  15. Justin Bieber Loves You is my church’s new youth outreach slogan. Total bait-and-switch.

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