Extra is reporting that longtime Tonight Show band leader (and shorttime The Jay Leno Show band leader) Kevin Eubanks, will leave the program before or shortly after it returns in March.

“Extra” has confirmed that Jay Leno’s longtime bandleader and sidekick, Kevin Eubanks, is leaving “The Tonight Show,” as first reported by Lisa Stanley on K-EARTH 101.

A source tells “Extra” Eubanks “wanted a change” and decided to leave the show, adding that Eubanks wanted to pursue other opportunities. Another source says he will appear on the debut of the revamped “Tonight Show” when it returns on March 1.

Good for you, Kevin Eubanks! They say that the band played on as the Titanic sank, which really makes you wonder about what was going on with that band, you know? You guys, the ship is sinking! Get off of that ship! Anyway, here is hoping against hope that the entire Jay Leno crew realizes that they do not want to work for a denim-on-denim-clad scumbag and that when the show returns it is just Jay and a camera duct-taped to the hood of a $17,000,000,000,000 car.

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  1. We anxiously await his return to music.

  2. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2010 +7

    other than not having a talk show, expensive cars, lots of money and easy access to pussy (pussy, right jay?), i know exactly how he feels.

  3. Heh, heh. You’re right, Gabe. All you say is right. I just wish you would start to make jokes about my penis size and sex life so that I can agree in exactly the same way while casually gripping my guitar. You’re so right, Gabe.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if through all his so called tribulations, anyone ever says “Keep your chin up, Jay!” Yeah, that’d be swell.

  5. I wonder who his replacement will be. And I wonder how pissed they’ll be when he wants his old job back in 7 months. Team New Band Leader!

  6. I just want to say, and will accept downvotes for saying, that The Reset Button hasn’t seemed to have any effect. We still have Ginger Kid posts, and we still dump on Jay Leno and his cohorts. I’m happy with that, I think Videogum is great as it is. But it seems weird to make such a big deal out of “resetting” Videogum’s aims and then coming back with the same old (admittedly excellent) stuff.
    Am I the only one thinking this? Is there something about The Reset Button that I’ve missed? What am I talking about?

    • You should re-read that post. I never said we were resetting Videogum’s aims or that anything would be dramatically different about the tone of the site or the types of jokes that we make. The point of that post was just a temporary reminder to assess and confirm Videogum’s core beliefs. I suppose it is as much of a pause button as a reset button. But Videogum is still Videogum, come on.

    • It seems to me the point of the Reset Button was to apologize to all the innocents caught in the crossfire, undeserving of our collective scorn. Kevin Eubanks is ridiculous though.

  7. I hear Conan plays guitar. You think they’ll ask him?

  8. If the Tonight Show is the Titanic, is Kevin Eubanks Rose?

    • I think Jay Leno is Rose (survived), Conan is the heart of the ocean (thrown away by Rose), Kevin Eubanks is Billy Zane (Got off before everyone was cold and dying). I think that makes Jeff Zucker Jack because he loves Rose and I want to see him sink to the bottom of the ocean.

    • He might be the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown.
      Or wait- is that Jay? Shit floats, so maybe?
      Here we go- I think Jay is a mixture of Cal and Molly Brown- equal parts shitheadchin and unsinkable person.
      Which would make Kevin?
      Rose. You’re right, Jeb. Kevin is Rose.
      But maybe Old Rose mixed with Bill Paxton, with just a smidge of that guy who clips the railing while he falls.
      ALSO, Jay is the iceberg, the titanic, Cal, Molly Brown, and James Cameron.
      And Kevin is all the women and children first.
      History can be ROUGH…

      • Based on the above I now kind of think Jay is that dude who pretended to be a woman in order to get into a lifeboat. Conan can be Bill Paxton. #whydoirememberthismuchabouttitanic

        • I think of Conan as the hot, sexy love made in the car buggy with the handprint on the window. That was probably the most passionate thing in Titanic, and Conan was the most passionate person on nbc’s late night schedule. And both were over way too soon.

          • With that perspective I would say that Conan was the band: rather than clawing their way on to lifeboats forcing others to die instead of themselves, they nobly performed their art for the enjoyment of others with class. Plus, that story was way more interesting than the blah love affair stuff but James Cameron chose to pander, much like NBC does every goddamned night Leno performs his shtick.

            But the adorable headphoned baby said it pretty spot on.

  9. I already miss their witty banter and camaraderie. It was like hanging out with a couple of old friends. You will be missed, Mr. Eubanks; you will be missed.

  10. Max Weinberg and the Max Weinberg 8

  11. So he’s going to return to the show, then leave almost immediately, meaning there will be yet another gaudy farewell and period of transition on the Tonight Show? Does Kevin Eubanks think it would be selfish to retire before Jay returns to the air or something?

  12. “This position is not open now for applicants.
    The application forms got shredded.
    There was faulty wordin’ in the documents…
    And I’m waiting in the sinking ship.”
    – Ryan Adams writing, ostensibly to get a gig as Leno Show bandleader

  13. hey gabe, how possible would it be to devise a videogum everywhere project with the goal being a close-to-zero rating for the first week of the tonight show? personally, i’ve never met a single nielsen family member but perhaps it’s only a matter of six degrees…

  14. Unfortunately, Jay Leno will probably stay on TV for another 20 years because people will still watch and shitty celebs will have rubbish movies to promote. Sort of like how An American Carol got made.

  15. “I’ve had a wonderful time with ‘The Tonight Show’, but I’ve decided to leave the show in order to spend more time pointlessly agreeing with my family.”

    – Kevin Eubanks’ press release, in a perfect world

  16. Eubanks followed up with a series of gregarious laughs and “nah man” ‘s

  17. Jay Leno is apropos of nothing.

  18. [IMG][/IMG]

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